Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What is the Jewel inside this Lotus ?

How is your meditation so far ? I hope there is progress if not find a teacher and learn from him or her or attend Ajahn Brahm's next meditation retreat and you will go far.

Meditation and dharma goes hand in hand together and with both, you will be able to go far in your meditation practise, maybe you just want to learn how to "calm down" your mind so that you will not be easily irritated by people around you or some other hidden agenda, no matter what it is : they will lead you to the right path to "happiness".

You would remember that : someone said "contentment is happiness" then another person who can look deeper into life would say : "A peaceful mind is happiness". Which one do you think can see DEEPER ?

FSQ NOTE: The jewel inside this lotus is "empty", there is "nothing" there.

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