Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10 fengshui tips for your dining table:

1) The dining table should ideally be made of marble or wood and never a glass top as it represents your career. Glass breaks easily hence your career might break, be careful.

2) The dining table should also not be placed with one side of the table next to the wall just to save space as this can give work pressure.

3) The bigger the dining table, the better hence an 8 seater dining table is best compared to a 6 seater though most homes have a 6 seater which is fine. Many wealthy people have very very huge dining table, some can even seat 10 to 20 people.

4) In any house, there must be a dining table as it represents your career.

5) The dining table has to be fixed and cannot use those extendable type.

6) What is directly opposite the dining table has an impact on your career so most houses that are fengshuied would have an oil painting of a yellow harvesting padi field with a farmer and an Ox.(only those who are born in the goat year should not have an ox in the painting)

7) If you wish for overseas posting or plently of travel then place an oil painting with 101 birds.

8) Usually above the dining table there is a lovely chandelier (crystals that look full) above to give it Grandness so that the career is good and grand.

9) What is placed on the dining table is also important hence do not place medicine on it, bread, fruits are ok.

10) There should be no mirror directly opposite your dining table if not your career would not last.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lynn,

I would like to ask whether the padi field painting can have river flowing ?

Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynn,
We just bought a rectangular extendable table. Any remedy for it?

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