Monday, August 17, 2009

Every Condo looks the same but every condo fengshui is different is because the orientation is different !

Today, 17 August 2009 : Monday

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: This morning I had difficulty to go to my "FSQ Daily Thoughts", private blog to blog, nevertheless I shall write here.
FENG SHUI: In buddhism, people study the text while there are some who practise buddhism. One is THEORY, the other is PRACTICE. Which one do you think, holds more TRUTH ? Yes, you are right, it is the practical one. Practise is still more important than theory. It is just like it is not the degree that you obtain from the University that counts, it is how we make use of that degree, that is our final report card.
Similarily if we apply this to fengshui, some learnt a lot from the THEORY and seldom practise, while there are some who PRACTICE on the ground for many years. Which one do you think, you would engage as your fengshui master to check your house or office ? Better take the practical one, regardless of language : english, hokkien, cantonese, mandarin also can. Which medium of delivery, do you want ? simply inform the master to deliver the feng shui in that medium and ENGLISH is the way to go, my dearest.
DESTINY: Have you ever wondered sometimes, after meeting a certain person, you can either be up or down in luck ? well.....this is destiny, my dear.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Are you ready and are your funds, ready ? Make sure you know if you are investing for very short term or medium term, ok ?
FSQ TIP:"The facing of every condo will reveal about the feng shui of that house, don't you think that you ought to consult a fengshui master before you buy one ? and we have many masters here, simply choose one"

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