Thursday, August 06, 2009

Looking for happiness, look within and not look out !

HAPPINESS is a strange word.
Sometimes we don't even know what THAT REALLY means and yet many of us are chasing after it.
When we don't know what happiness is and when we are subconsciously chasing for it, then even when happiness comes, we might not even realise it.
How then, Can we have real happiness is: to look "within us" and "not look outside".
Many of us chase for a bigger house, better career or even to have more money. These are "material things" that sometimes do not bring lasting happiness but temporary happiness and as soon as we have our own properties/assets, we would want to have more and more and that's never ending. Once we have enough, it is time to start to enjoy what you have reaped so far. Many people fail to enjoy what they have achieved till it is too late.
For example: if you think you want to have one million dollars by the time you turn 30 then you have to set a goal and work towards it or if you think S$10million is for you by the time you turn 60 then set that goal and work towards it and after you have arrived at your goal, kick the ball into the goal post and, it is then time to enjoy life.
While you are setting your goal and going towards it, be there, be in the present moment, every second, every moment and don't even think of what's next to do. That is why you find in my fengshui, I write a lot of reports using my gold pen, it is to practise *mindfulness*.
How then can we have happiness ?
1) When jealous comes to you - Be happy for those who are doing well and sincerely wish them the best and it has to come deep from your heart. That's happiness.
2) When anger arises - Know that being angry destroys your luck (a bit of fengshui here) and *mental well being* so one should do "deep breathing" to calm down and then the emotion or the label of "anger" will soon go away and then you can be peaceful once again. I seldom get angry as when there is no self, no ego, there is no reason to be angry at all. "there is nothing there"
3) When sadness comes to you - Immediately change your mindset to think of every possible things to turn things around and to make yourself happy. The best way to make yourself happy is to "give up on all your attachments to things". That way, you will be happy once again.
HAPPINESS is more than contentment, it is peace of mind. When the mind is peaceful, everything falls into place and as we walk in the path of the Light and follow the Universe.............we are always so peaceful and happy.


Minghui said...

HI Master Yap!


You are right! Will print this out and stick on my wall!



BTW thanks for introducing ABC to me. Even though I've been there on and off, it only gets better because the more I learn about the Buddhist practice, the more it helps me to understand life and how to live it best so that the quality of my life is better.

And I think you sum up the meaning of life very well in today's post. Great piece of work in my opinion!

Can't never ever get enough of your writing!

Please keep it up and know that your wisdom and words are appreciated.

With best regards and gratitude

Angel said...

totally sgreed :)