Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On a 2 day trip to Shenzhen, China 2009

Tomorrow, am leaving for a 2 day trip to Shenzhen, China.
The reason why I started blogging since 20 May 2008 was to impart my feng shui knowledge that I had accumulated in all my 20 years of experiences.
This blog is to help those who do not wish to engage a fengshui master to their house or for those who are not yet ready to accept feng shui to at least have some basic understanding on this very profound subject. One must never read the sentence of fengshui as it is, as there are hidden meanings beneath and try to learn to read these as well, then, you can be really good.
For example: In some homes, people pray to "Kuan Yim" or even "Tau Peh Kong" in their homes hence ideally there should be no mirror in the walls of their houses especially the living room if not the "Kuan Yim"(Goddess of Mercy) or even "Tau Peh Kong" images will be seen on those mirrors and they are therefore trapped and when they are trapped in the mirrors, do you think the people living in these houses would have experience good fortune ? That is why ideally, there should be no mirrors in the house especially the living room or the dining room.
Besides, some people own a few houses so if one of the house has a big mirror, the influence impact would be less and if the family seldom dines there but dine in the coffee table in front of their LCD tv, the impact would be lesser too. It depends on where one defines the dining table in the house.
All the fengshui tips here are from my brand of feng shui, fengshuiQueen SG and as long as you are my client, I have every reason to ensure that you do very well after my feng shui as I believe in the "word of mouth" advertising and hence I seldom advertise if you notice that except that if I wish to promote my *public blog* or my *twitter* account.
And yes, I do respect the fact that different fengshui masters has a different take on mirrors facing the dining table but if you are my client, you would know that I won't allow it and so far, so good and we have all *progressed* in terms of health, wealth and happiness.
Over the years, we have had many clients both corporate as well as individuals and because they want to know more, I will write for them. Your success, Our passion is a registered trademark in SG.


Joanne said...

Have a good trip !

Minghui said...

Enjoy your trip and have fun!