Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In the wealth area, there should be "activity" !

Every fengshui master will take the wealth area of your house differently, that is fine and not the point. The point is : when you locate the wealth area of your house, what do you do with it ? that can make or break, that is the point.
Why is the wealth area taken differently ? it is because their schools of fengshui are different and even if they are the same school, the application of it can be very different like some masters place a 9 star grid smack into your house floor plan, now is this accurate or not or should it be something else ? There can be many debates here but ultimately it is the feng shui masters' clients who would benefit if the wealth area is correctly chosen and the clients see results, 3 months later and I dare give my personal gurantee if not you can get your money back.
Usually, a fengshui master would recommend you to place a water feature there to activate the wealth because it is about WIND and WATER if not why in the old days, people call it wind and water meaning in chinese, feng and shui ? why ? because it is about the use of water ! how one uses the water is among one of the most important secrets in fengshui. How fast the water flow, how much water do you have vs hers ? how many ponds do you have or do real toads come at night to signify that you have done the right thing ?
In the wealth area, there should not be a fan, glass cabinet doors and no mirrors if not all of these can reflect and deflect all your wealth away. These are just concepts and knowledge and if you happen to arm yourself with these basic fengshui knowledge your life would be very very smooth and full of happiness and I mean inner happiness.
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Sean Toh said...

Great Advice, Lynn!

Yours Sincerely
Sean Toh

Lynn Yap said...

Thanks, Sean and see you more on my Facebook ?