Tuesday, October 13, 2009

6 Fengshui Tips for you !

Hi, it's been quite a while since I write on this blog however, everyday I still write but it's a private blog for over 210 members and which should end by 31st March 2010. It's been tough but nevertheless enjoyable.
2008 had been a great year and so is 2009 so far and I have heard from some of my clients that what they earn now in 2009 far exceeds what they earn in 2008 and this comes from the property agents and I am so happy for them because not every year is the same though we do wish so especially when we have had a fantastic year. At the end of each fiscal year, relax and take a break, go for a holiday then come back and *cheong* again.
Here are 6 fengshui tips for you to mull over while I am in Nepal for my Lam Rim Meditation Retreat:
1) Don't take pork if you are born in the animal sign of pig. Make sense right, can't eat yourself if not your luck would not be good. So if you are born a goat, you are not suppose to take mutton and so on.
2) When buying a property choose those windy areas or condos that are aligned in the North/South facing. Every fengshui master take their facing differently so ask them *where* they take the facing is it at the main door or elsewhere ?
3) In the year of the Ox, many people have skin related problems and this is common.
4) Every day after work try to find something that you like to unwind. This improves your health and good health is wealth.
5) Do merits and continue to donate money when you can or when opportunities arise. Come to Kopan Nunnery Fund raising dinner on 7 Nov 2009. Call Amitabha Buddhist Centre (ABC) at 6745-8547 if you wish to attend and support the Kopan Nunnery at Nepal, they need your support and I will be there...... so see you !
6) Try to spend some time each day to thank all those who have helped you in one way or another. This helps build your *loving heart* to care for everyone around you.

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