Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The wealth area where art thou ?

In fengshui studies, it is the wealth area that makes fengshui so popular today and of course fengshui is much more than just creating wealth for clients, it goes way beyond that. Just look at my clients, find them in my Facebook friends and one knows why. We became friends and is more than just Facebook friends. Nevertheless, we do poke and superpoke each other !

In a house or office : there is a wealth area and that area has to have "activity"in order to create *constant wealth* for you so your wealth area should not be your "store room" or simply an "empty room" with no furnitures where you hardly go into.

In the home : the wealth area is usually your most most comfortable area where that area has a strong *drawing power* but only if you use it as your "study room" where your computer is or maybe a tv in your living room hence it draws you to that spot of your house.

In an office : it could be the "pantry area" or the "reception area" or simply just a "meeting room" however, these are not good uses of the wealth area. Ideally, there should be people working there to create energy. Maximise the space there to put it into good use would be the best and Good Luck in searching for the wealth area of your house or office, without inviting a Fengshui Master ;)

PHOTO : taken from Ferraria Park Condo as I love the purple flowers there.

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