Sunday, December 06, 2009

My 3 little achievements in 2009

Today, 7 December 2009 Monday, I will be spending quiet time with my lady client over lunch and in the afternoon, I have another appointment to source for our new office.

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: It is that time of the year where we want to wrap up all that we did in 2009, reflect back and see if there was anything, anywhere that we could have done it better.

Below are my 3 litttle achievements in 2009 :
1) Since 1st December 2008 I started going on a vegetarian diet and succeeded for more than a year and till todate - I never knew that I could do it and with my family's blessings, I am still vegan except that I drink a glass of red wine each evening before I sleep. I guess it takes *discipline* to achieve and am happy to announce that some of my clients are also vegetarian but I did tell them to take some meat, on and off.

When we begin our path in this manner, we are actually going on a separate *realm* away from the path of most people. Our path became more spiritual, more pure and we are protected most of the time. Hence, any decision that we make or do, it somehow will turn good for us. That is when we know that "God" is around us. The Universe is looking at you !

Many thanks to my clients who gave me over 32 bottles of red wine, 4 cans/boxes of "Tie Kuan Yim", a hamper for my 50th birthday and a Christmas log cake. I started blogging in May 2008 last year and till is YOU who gave me the passion to get up each morning to serve and to help in all of your fengshui needs. Thank you so much for a wonderful year !

2) Our ubi office has been sold for a small profit and we are moving office - We will announce our new office soon. If we had sold earlier, we would have made a lot more like another S$100k but then that is life, isn't it ? Because it is the RIGHT timing for us NOW to move and not in the earlier years. The timing has to be right and you have to FEEL right and that you have made a good move.

3) I managed to take 2 meditation breaks in 2009 and succeeded in getting a nimitta and into Jhana stage I - I would need to meditate more to get into stage II and as for the Lam Rim Meditation, I managed to have "white" and "blue" energies around my forehead reflecting my inner most self, pure with morality and with skillful speech as I seldom gossip and talk unneccesarily. That way, the Aura around me is "pure" and "bright". Merry Christmas !!!

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