Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The leaves said that all will be well but not so soon

Today, 1st April 2009 Tuesday, I will be going to do a house review at Adam Road, then off to town to do an office feng shui.

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: How have you been ? busy as usual ? like the taxi drivers on the road ? Competition is getting tougher and one needs to re-invent the business even in feng shui to stay connected with the "loyalty customers" through Facebook, Twitter, Forum or in Blogs. It's a great way to connect particulary if most of your clients are IT savvy.

SINGAPORE FENGSHUI QUEEN LYNN YAP BLOG: Our fengshuiqueen.com website has been on page 1 and sometimes page 2 of Google search engine for "feng shui". We are most happy to be there. Thank you, Google and all its team members for making me, very very happy. "wa hou hoi sum" !!!

FENG SHUI: I read somewhere that your list of customers can be an aaset to the Company. Well, your list of clients CAN reveal what sort of a feng shui master, you are.
FENG SHUI TIP to get a job interview : Take veg food for 2 weeks or for that day only, till the phone call comes or if your house has been fengshuied by me, check the "power sector" of your house and place a lighted candle there. Within 3 hours, your mobile phone will ring and is usually a good call or who knows a job interview !!!

DESTINY: Want to know more about your own destiny and what are your lucky colours or what ornaments to wear for that extra Good Luck so that you can have a "competitive advantage" over others since competition is getting tougher and tougher ? Just remember that : nothing stays "still" or the same forever, everything in life is moving and changing.
SAVVY INVESTMENTS: When the market is down around 7th lunar month, this is the best time to get some good blue chips and hold till year 2012, the year of the Dragon then to cash out or hold longer till year of the pig, 2019 in order to make money from stocks and Good Luck !!!
FSQ NOTES: Oil prices has been stable hovering around my predicted US$40/- to US$50/- per barrel. It won't reach US$100/- per barrel this year.
Gold has been steadily climbing but by 22 October 2009, the price of gold should drop to around US$850/- per ounce because next year is a metal (gold )tiger, 2010 year but this is an injured tiger with crouching claws where property prices will fall the steepest because "wood" controls the "earth" which is property. The good news is : "metal" controls "wood", therefore the property price fall, will not be very steep.

FSQ TIP: "have to wait, my dear"

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Fengshui Queen story :

Today, 24 March 2009, Tuesday, I will be going to my Ubi office and then off to do a can or cannot buy at Jurong.

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: I will try and write in this blog as much as I can so that this blog remains as popular as ever and to help many readers in times like these. Any bit of fengshui tips can help you get a job or remain at the work place, save money for some good investing etc.

SINGAPORE FENG SHUI QUEEN LYNN YAP BLOG: Thank you for coming here to read more about me and my feng shui.

About myself
: I grew up in the 60's, 70's and 80's, studied in the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, Kellock Road, Victoria Street and then to CJC then to the University. I was a science student in CHIJ and then went to CJC to study the arts as I love economics and got a A for it !!! Come to think of it, I should have developed this skill and become a top notch ecnomists here in Singapore. But then my interest in Chinese Metaphyscis was getting stronger by the day.

My mother is a taoist who prayed to "tao peh kong" and all of those. Till today, there exists one God in her house. Being a girl, I was naturally close to my mother who told me stories about taoism, black magic and stuff like that, I grew up in those era and was strongly influenced by her in these. Though when I practised feng shui as a profession, I decided not to use religion in it and hence it became a feng shui based on theories and science.
When she relates stories about feng shui, old ancient techniques (talisman) etc that hit a chord in me and I remembered I was barely 12 years when we moved in to this corner terrace house (sembawang hills estate) and when my mum invited those overseas fengshui master to check our house then. I happen to be one with very good memory lah !! She was'nt very happy with those and till today still grumbles at those fengshui masters. it was because those masters' cure did'nt work !!! and none ever told her to place a "water feature" in our house until I did feng shui and told her to install two fish tanks in this house for good luck and prosperity.

Fengshui is about the use of real water. If a water feature is not part of the fengshui solutions and where to place them, then that feng shui master may not be up to standard. why call it "feng and shui" if it is not about the use of "shui" and how to tap the "feng" to go into the "shui" ?

This house still exists and I try to visit her every Sunday if I could.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reading the leaves in your tea cup

Today, 15 March 2009, Sunday, is another long day for me. How are you ? Hope you are fine and enjoying the Ox year.

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: We are now into mid March and counting the days when the Ox will be spanked for being "sleepy" (most things quite slow) and time to move on to the Golden Tiger, 2010 with "crouching claws". Should we make the Ox fall in love with the tiger ? ouch ! you mean you have a "tiger's paw" at home then maybe you can but tigers are not afraid of the Ox leh, only the Goat is most afraid.

SINGAPORE FENG SHUI BLOG: Everyday we read about so and so write about fengshui this and that especially if you are on the Google Alert for feng shui. Over the last 10 years, I have seen how many people became firm believers of fengshui which is good as feng shui is an ancient chinese knowledge which most of us, chinese (we got black hair) should know about and they fall under the category of Chinese Metaphyscis.

To know more in depth, read this http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feng_shui

FENG SHUI: There was once this year, when I went to do my fengshui work (this year, I have many good projects, the press will come to know about it but my name is never reported one lah.....shooo....) and a man asked me : "What made you go into feng shui ?" and I replied "curiousty". As a little girl (see my cute photo above), I was always very curious to know about my own future and so I went out to learn many "chinese things" in order to predict my own future and when I can do accurately then it is time, to do predictions for others and then for the World.

Feng Shui Masters or Geomancers as they are sometimes called, do not first start out as learning how to predict for the World Events but for themselves first and then for their clients. And ironically, it is the Predictions for the world that can make or break them but then not many people take us, Geomancers seriously and I wonder why.
Hmmm....................maybe is because most of them always anyhow say things. But then if they are good then "predicted events" will unfold one by one to prove their accuracies in their predictions like this year, 2009 where readers are now more mature and know how to compare us, Geomancers yeah ? and even the Merlion, people also want to hear my view and I replied in my private blog http://www.fengshuiqueen.com/blog that hei, there is still another one standing at Sentosa so what's the big fuss.

And yes, we can even go deeper into the Second level of Predictions like prediction which world leader is going to pass away and so forth. However, most of us don't do it as it takes up a lot of time to study world leader's bazi and to check .......is going to be who.

MASTER LYNN YAP' s FENG SHUI TIP: Ensure that there are no glass dining table in your house because the glass is reflective in nature and is like a mirror. Either change your dining table to a 6 seater one or simply get a table cloth to cover it up temporarily till you are ready to buy a new one if not your career could be in trouble this year, 2009.

DESTINY: I believe in destiny and in fate however I also believe that there are ways to alter it to make life smoother by wearing gold or owning a luxury car in your name or even wearing "animal signs" so as to make our life, happier.

Happiness is a state of the mind - when your mind is calm and peaceful, the happiness comes but first one has to forgive our past and our present and start living in the present moment. That way, your own happiness will come. Start by loving everyone even your enemy as a friend that way your heart can open to allow more happiness to come in and for more good fortune. It comes and I am a firm believer of miracles and live my life for others.

One of the best motto to live life is : To learn how to follow the flow and don't resist it. Some people text me saying that life at work this year is very tough as someone is always finding fault with you or give you a lot of work to do. But that is life, is'nt it ? and if you want to resist, yes can. Find another good job first before you leave.

Do you know that the hardest thing anyone can't live without is, money ? when you are very very poor and in debts and you don't have enough to buy food on the table, that is depressing. So, never ever quit your job or you can sit at home for 3 years till 2012, the year of the Dragon where economy will recover.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The Ox has been most sleepy the first half but come the second half, it is the time to enter and do some good investing be it in gold, shares or buy Aust dollars and hold till year 2012.

If you are looking at buying a property for your family to live in, then maybe this is the time to enter if not wait till 2010, second half.

Construction costs have fallen and if you own a landed property, you might wish to rebuild your house to 3 levels or to have that extra roof terrace. Let's spend some money and keep our economy going. Do your bit.
On a personal note: Oh, last friday, I went down to Nokia, Marine Parade after work and got myself a new Nokia E63, blue one, my lucky colour and yesterday, I had my 16th bottle of red wine from my clients. thank you so much !!! Many thanks to those who sms or email me to congratulate my eldest son, Ivan for scoring straight As in his A level exams and oh, he is going to the University !!! not bad eh, I produced a scholar, me only As and Bs.
BLOG NEXT UPDATE : 1 April 2009. Come and read our next fengshui tips for 2009 !!!

FSQ TIP: "it says .............wanna find out ? akan datang"