Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Where there is a mountain qi stops"

Today, 16 May Saturday : The weather looks good.

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: How have you been ? did you buy any stocks before the small "bear rally" and sold last week ? if you have missed this again then better don't miss the last correction for this Ox year.
SINGAPORE FENGSHUI BLOG LYNN YAP: Many people are using their Twitter account to get more traffic to their blog. But first of all, when you write a blog, you have to ask yourself why do you write ? what is your purpose ? and when you have a Twitter account : what is your purpose also ? you can join my Twitter updates at

FENG SHUI: If you ever need to close a big deal or to sell your shares, you must do something extra and then it will be sold or you can get your deals closed.
Here are 5 ways you can do EXTRA other than your "wealth pond" in the house :
1) Take veg food only until the deal is closed -
2) Buy a new small table top fountain and place it next to your pond - this fountain should not have a "crystal ball" rolling or something that goes "up and down" (movement) in the fountain if not the feng shui won't work.
3) Go buy a 3 legged bronze frog and place him on the floor looking at the window to tap in the good qi to come to you -
4) Letting go of animals - this is another good method
5) Light a small candle and pray to the open sky and then place the lighted candle on the coffee table in the living room - prayers can move the Heaven above but you must be "specific in your prayers".
DESTINY: A "tiger" hour (3am to 5am) male has roving eyes - you believe ladies ? Ever dated a man with those time ? hehe

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: We are into the yang fire period (25 April to 23 May)(snake) and then the two ying fire periods (24 May to 21 July)(horse) - during these period : Any good news it goes up fast but it can also go down fast because of negative news. Take note and becareful. For more updates : follow me in Twitter.
FSQ TIP: "where there is water, qi stops too. Good or Bad they stop"