Monday, June 29, 2009

Fengshui has always been my passion !!!

Feng Shui has always been my passion and today, I would like to bring it higher to allow people to know that we too can succeed in our feng shui business by attending the Singapore Business Federation's 7th AGM at Orchard Hotel today with over 100 of its members.
I was supposed to travel today to Guangzhou but decided to attend the AGM first and fly off tomorrow via Tiger Airways. My corporate client has been most patient with me on this matter and for that, I thank you !

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

What are the benefits of meditating ?

Why do we meditate ? Why ? Because........

1) It can increase our memory such that we can remember -
2) It can bring us peace of mind -
3) It can bring us good fortune -
4) It can make us very busy at work but for a good cause -
5) It can allow us to understand life better and to learn how to "let go" -
6) It allows us to have wisdom at the right time when you needed it most -
7) It can bring our career to the next level -
8) Whatever we wish for, it will come true, just close our eyes -
9) It helps us to be at the present moment in time and to learn patience -
10) It brings us fame and popularity without us realising it -
11) It brings merits, good karma for ourselves as well as anyone connected with us -
12) It allows us to have no more fear -
13) It allows us to have complete faith in the Buddha -
14) It will lead us to live our lives simply and to live within our means -
15) It will allow us to develop our compassion for everyone we meet -
16) It can develop our wisdom, deeper -
17) It can give you good health -
18) It leads us to the meaning of life which is "emptyness" and to be an "enlightened being" -
19) The seed of the Buddha is in all of us, develop it further with meditation and see the "light" -
FSQ NOTE: Why ? why do you want to meditate ? Bottomline is : what is your motivation ?

Friday, June 26, 2009

This is what I call : relax !

FSQ NOTE: These photos and all others were taken on 17 June 2009 in the afternoon before taking my 8 Precepts. The other photos were taken on our last day on 21 June 2009, Sunday before flying home. Many thanks to this band who sang the song "what a wonderful world" while I sip my wine and look at the sea and the 2 rainbows. Thank you so much for the memories which I have to learn to "let go" later.

FSQ NOTE: I would be travelling to Guangzhou, China next week and in the meantime, follow me in my Twitter at:

or at my Facebook at :

FSQ NOTE: Have "loving kindness" for anyone that you meet or touch your lives. Living life is not to "criticise" others all the time but to find something in their actions to forgive them then you can learn to be kind. Be kind and be kind to me too


Thursday, June 25, 2009

How do we meditate ?

INTRO: In one the Question and Answer Session with Ajahn Brahm, I asked this question : How do we meditate ?
The reply that came back : You can meditate anyway you want.
In other words, he wanted us to realise it from within that : in each and every step that we do, we must be in a "meditative mode" be it walking, lying down, eating, sitting, working, twittering or even blogging.
Every single minute or seconds, we should be meditating that is be "mindful". Being mindful means putting your "mind" on the action that you are doing.
The whole process is to still your mind and only when your mind is very very still - things start to happen ! And only through meditation, can one learn to "let go" and be "peaceful". Then when one is truly peaceful, one sees "emptyness", there is "nothing" there.

From my personal experiences, 15 years already, this is what I would like to share on meditation :

1) Find a quiet place to sit on the floor to meditate -

2) Cross your leg right leg over left leg is the best but there is no hard and fast rule -

3) Your hands should be right over the left hand with the thumbs touching and gently place both hands to touch your legs -

4) Now close your eyes -

5) Start to bring your mind to focus on the breath and count -

6) Breath in and then breath out count as 1. Breath in again and out and count as 2 till you can count from 1 to 100 without the "mind wandering". This is called "Training the mind to be still", first part.

7) Once you can do that, I will begin to share with you on how to do the next step.

FSQ NOTE: Each time when you meditate usually when you focus on the breath and count to 3, this time the mind usually wanders. it is very natural but try not to worry and gently bring in the mind again to focus on the breath and try to perfect this every time, you sit and meditate.
There are other ways of meditating like walking, left, right, left right. Practise that with your mind on the legs like a "walking meditation".
Other ways include "eating meditation" : like when you place a piece of tofu in your mouth and gently taste it with your mind and then slowly swallowing it down.
You may take months to be perfect till you can count from 1 to 100, while some people take years. Once you can count till 100, you are actually on stage 3 of the meditation process according to Ajahn Brahm.
You may wish to buy his book, "Happiness through Meditation" about S$25/- from Buddhist Fellowship or get it free when you sign as a 2 year BF membership and then read the details there or visit their website.
GOOD LUCK to your meditation !!!

Hua Hin Meditation Retreat

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Were you a nun/monk in your previous life ?

3 factors to tell if you have been a nun or a monk in your previous life time ?

1) That when you go for a buffet spread, you would love to put all your main dishes as well as the dessert all on the same plate ! You know.....monks or nuns go around asking for alms in their empty bowl and so people would usually just put all kinds of food into ONE single bowl. Ajahn Brahm said he once had ice cream over his spagetti.

2) That whenever you buy a new pair of shoes, they hurt for many many months - that is because in your previous life, you only wore slippers
3) That when you are watching tv, you love to sit on the floor rather than on the sofa - it is because you used to meditate on the floor for long hours before !
FSQ NOTE: The above are my own findings and coming from the fengshui perspective !

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thank you, Ajahn Brahm !

Thank you for everything that you have taught us during this meditation retreat, 17 June to 21 June 2009, Hua Hin, Thailand. In life, we must learn how to say "thank you" to others.
FSQ NOTE: Appreciating others is one form of learning how to be good and to be kind to others and that is a way of life towards happiness and inner peace. I have already found what I was looking for and now is for me to keep on practising my meditation, mindful at all times and to help more people thru my fengshui skills and many more life readings. To be able to reach out to wider group of people and to share my passion with them.
FSQ BLOG: This blog reaches out to over 1,000 readers each week and with that I shall begin to share with you, my personal experiences of being a buddhist and if you were to ask me : Am I happy ? Yes, I certainly am ! If I am not happy then how can I help you to find your own happiness ? It doesn't make sense !
For this photo shoot : Ajahn Brahm asked me to sit beside him and oh ! here goes for the photo !

More photos from the retreat :

My meditation retreat at Hua Hin with Ajahn Brahm

Wednesday 17 June 2009 I travelled to Hua Hin, Thailand to attend a 5 day executive meditation retreat with Ajahn Brahm organised by Buddhist Fellowship and stayed at the Sheraton Resorts. I just knew that I had to be there to learn more so that I can be a better meditator as I have been meditating since 1994 and not getting anywhere. This retreat with 8 precepts would be able to help me get deeper into my meditation. The keyword here is "deeper" and also to allow me to give better predictions for 2010 (that was my hidden agenda).

Our Meditation Schedule went like this : (Bangkok time)
6am - meditation at the lawn (I was always the first one on the lawn at 5am)
8.30am - Dharma Talk and meditation
3pm - Question and Answer session on our meditation
8.00pm - Dharma talk and meditation
10pm - Good nite

FSQ NOTE: I can tell you that this is worse than working ! you can expect me to WANT to go home on the 3rd day of my retreat ! But an amazing thing happened. On the first day at the lawn, 6am meditation, I obtained a "jhana" which means that I saw the "bright light" and continued to "still" the mind till the breath disappears as I speak on this topic, it all comes from my personal experiences. Let me show you what "enlightenment" means.
During one of the 3 Question and Answer sessions, I asked a question on the orange pencil as Ajahn Brahm took out a pencil and asked us what do we see ? He was giving a talk on "insights" on friday, 19 June 2009, one of my all time favourite topic and the best talk that I have heard so far.
A few people gave their replies : some said they saw that it is a pencil and some said they saw the orange colour and I said that I saw the production workers working hard to produce this pencil. I thought that I was already very enlightened on this one but Ajahn Brahm replied that it is more than that and that, it is endless. wow !
I wanted to understand this MORE and so when I reached home, I meditated on this again. Finally, it "came" to me that : there is no more pencil as you tend to look deeper and deeper and then, there is "nothing" !!!
This was my own final answer as I came to realised that. Realisation has to come from within and not hear say or read. Then you can always be wise all the time.
It is like other questions that he asked : what is "peace of mind" ? you want to have "peace of mind" and yet you never really know what you are LOOKING FOR ? He also asked, do you know "love", what is the meaning of "love" and do you know what you are looking for ? Go deeper into this yourself and see if you can find any "deeper" meaning into : what is love ?
It is like my fengshui question to all those non believers : You don't believe in fengshui and is because you never really know what it is ! then how can you say you don't believe when you don't even know what you are looking for !
I also meditated further on "feng shui" and felt that "wind" and "water" are inseparable in obtaining the results and why they work for all of us. They both have to work "hand in hand" together like "wisdom" and "compassion".
FSQ NOTE: This means that the wise one or someone who is able to see anything DEEPER will be the wise one and the one most respected. When one is wise, people will naturally give you the most "respect" and "honour".
Finally, this morning when I woke up and meditated before going out for work at 12 noon to check a condo and as I turned to one side of the bed, I saw "stillness" and a clear vision and finally I saw "nothing" it is not there anymore, it is "empty". hei ! I was so happy that I am finally more enlightened !!!
FSQ NOTE: Ajahn Chah has one great, famous student, Ajahn Brahm and someday, somewhere, someone is going to be a great, famous student of Ajahn Brahm.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Is fortune telling a right livelihood according to Buddhism ?

Today, 14 June 2009 Sunday : weather looks fine and I have a lazy Sunday, simply doing "nothing".

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: How have you been ? We are into the half way mark of 2009 and hope that you are all well and has "work" to do. My mum always remind me that there are many people out there who are having problems so help them if you can.

TWITTER: Personally, I find that we can use Twitter to enhance our small business especially those very small companies to create awareness for your products or services that your company provides.

You can also use it to engage with your customers and attend to all their needs in the after "sale" service. It is a great tool but one must be careful how one start using it, if not all your "personal life" story could be told especially when you tweet about your fav food or craving for this and that. It's good to show that there is a human behind that great photo but sometimes one can get too carried away. I make sure that my Brand reputation stays in good shape.

FENG SHUI: Every brand of beer tastes different that I know when I was doing a feng shui check and decided to sample different brands of beer. Then I tried whisky and volka too and I realised that they too taste differently if labelled under a "different brand".

So, in feng shui, different "brands of fengshui" will give rise to different fengshui being done and "different" results. Hence, not all fengshui masters are the same. Some younger, some older, some more experience, some very new, some uses Iching school of fengshui, some uses flying star school of fengshui or others. There are simply too many variations to the art of feng shui and I just hope that it does not loose its "original meaning".

DESTINY: Any person who is born in the month pillar with a snake or horse is someone who is very good at maths. your child has this ? then he is very good at maths, no need to study much also can pass.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If you ever want to grow rich the first step is to find out from your bazi what can make you "rich". Is it from properties, shares of in business ? then zoom in and go for it and then GROW your wealth.

Did you notice that this month of the horse, some times shares go up and sometimes go down ? it's the season of the "fs horses", crazy but adorable .

PS: someone REALLY did sms me today asking me : what is meant by "going for the broke" as in my private blog at


FSQ TIP:"I learnt that as long as the motivation is correct, it is ok but I intend to ask Ajahn Brahm when I meet him next week for my meditation retreat at Hua Hin, 17 June to 21 June"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Golden fengshui Queen tip for you !

Here is another Golden Fengshui Queen tip for you :
1) If you have "pierced ear lobes" ensure that the ears always have something in it like an ear ring, at least for 12 hours a day. Never leave it empty or else your luck would not be good.

Take Care !

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Try this !

Personally, I have tried this when it went on beta stage in May 2009 and have added everytime, 20 new followers till todate about 300 new followers under this system. Not only it provides for new followers but it allows for "passive income", forever. Paid about US$27/- a small investment, so why not click , read and see for yourself !!!

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009