Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fengshui Concept of : Always have the money to buy food on the dining table

In the old days, people use an oil painting of fruits and hang it on a wall directly opposite their dining table for feng shui reasons : That there will always be food on the dining table hence career will always be good. You can also find this fs tip in old ancient chinese fengshui books, complete with drawings.

However in the course of my work and over the years, I have taken this a step further by telling some of my clients to buy an oil painting with padi field with the rice harvesting in yellow and a farmer and an "ox" to represent that : there will always be food on the dining table. of course, you will always have to work like an "ox". families with people born in the animal sign of "goat" will have their paintings done differently to cater to them. This is because the animal signs of "ox" and "goat" clash.
The fengshui concept of : What you hang on any wall directly opposite your dining table will have an impact on your career. Find out what you have and change it, maybe can give you unexpected good results.

Take this quiz too, my first attempt ! GURU !!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

15th day of the 7th lunar month, be careful

This coming 3rd September 2009 is the 15th day of the 7th lunar month and is a very *powerful* day so please go home early and stay home in the evenings, ok and take care.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Every Condo looks the same but every condo fengshui is different is because the orientation is different !

Today, 17 August 2009 : Monday

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: This morning I had difficulty to go to my "FSQ Daily Thoughts", private blog to blog, nevertheless I shall write here.
FENG SHUI: In buddhism, people study the text while there are some who practise buddhism. One is THEORY, the other is PRACTICE. Which one do you think, holds more TRUTH ? Yes, you are right, it is the practical one. Practise is still more important than theory. It is just like it is not the degree that you obtain from the University that counts, it is how we make use of that degree, that is our final report card.
Similarily if we apply this to fengshui, some learnt a lot from the THEORY and seldom practise, while there are some who PRACTICE on the ground for many years. Which one do you think, you would engage as your fengshui master to check your house or office ? Better take the practical one, regardless of language : english, hokkien, cantonese, mandarin also can. Which medium of delivery, do you want ? simply inform the master to deliver the feng shui in that medium and ENGLISH is the way to go, my dearest.
DESTINY: Have you ever wondered sometimes, after meeting a certain person, you can either be up or down in luck ? well.....this is destiny, my dear.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Are you ready and are your funds, ready ? Make sure you know if you are investing for very short term or medium term, ok ?
FSQ TIP:"The facing of every condo will reveal about the feng shui of that house, don't you think that you ought to consult a fengshui master before you buy one ? and we have many masters here, simply choose one"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

A new Group in LinkedIn : fengshui Queen SG

Hi, have just started a new group called "fengshui Queen SG" in my LinkedIn account for anyone who is keen to interact with members of this brand of fengshui to share and to progress together. We have to stay united as ONE in Singapore to help anyone and I mean just, anyone.
FSQ NOTE: With effect from 1st September 2009, my personal income is S$13k per month, S$156k per annum and is enough for the time being.

Enjoyable ChangAn, Shenzhen, China 2009

FSQ NOTE: Photos taken from ChangAn, Shenzhen
China, 2009. Some views from Parkview Hotel where I stayed and even went to DongGuan industrial site and back to ChangAn.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On a 2 day trip to Shenzhen, China 2009

Tomorrow, am leaving for a 2 day trip to Shenzhen, China.
The reason why I started blogging since 20 May 2008 was to impart my feng shui knowledge that I had accumulated in all my 20 years of experiences.
This blog is to help those who do not wish to engage a fengshui master to their house or for those who are not yet ready to accept feng shui to at least have some basic understanding on this very profound subject. One must never read the sentence of fengshui as it is, as there are hidden meanings beneath and try to learn to read these as well, then, you can be really good.
For example: In some homes, people pray to "Kuan Yim" or even "Tau Peh Kong" in their homes hence ideally there should be no mirror in the walls of their houses especially the living room if not the "Kuan Yim"(Goddess of Mercy) or even "Tau Peh Kong" images will be seen on those mirrors and they are therefore trapped and when they are trapped in the mirrors, do you think the people living in these houses would have experience good fortune ? That is why ideally, there should be no mirrors in the house especially the living room or the dining room.
Besides, some people own a few houses so if one of the house has a big mirror, the influence impact would be less and if the family seldom dines there but dine in the coffee table in front of their LCD tv, the impact would be lesser too. It depends on where one defines the dining table in the house.
All the fengshui tips here are from my brand of feng shui, fengshuiQueen SG and as long as you are my client, I have every reason to ensure that you do very well after my feng shui as I believe in the "word of mouth" advertising and hence I seldom advertise if you notice that except that if I wish to promote my *public blog* or my *twitter* account.
And yes, I do respect the fact that different fengshui masters has a different take on mirrors facing the dining table but if you are my client, you would know that I won't allow it and so far, so good and we have all *progressed* in terms of health, wealth and happiness.
Over the years, we have had many clients both corporate as well as individuals and because they want to know more, I will write for them. Your success, Our passion is a registered trademark in SG.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10 fengshui tips for your dining table:

1) The dining table should ideally be made of marble or wood and never a glass top as it represents your career. Glass breaks easily hence your career might break, be careful.

2) The dining table should also not be placed with one side of the table next to the wall just to save space as this can give work pressure.

3) The bigger the dining table, the better hence an 8 seater dining table is best compared to a 6 seater though most homes have a 6 seater which is fine. Many wealthy people have very very huge dining table, some can even seat 10 to 20 people.

4) In any house, there must be a dining table as it represents your career.

5) The dining table has to be fixed and cannot use those extendable type.

6) What is directly opposite the dining table has an impact on your career so most houses that are fengshuied would have an oil painting of a yellow harvesting padi field with a farmer and an Ox.(only those who are born in the goat year should not have an ox in the painting)

7) If you wish for overseas posting or plently of travel then place an oil painting with 101 birds.

8) Usually above the dining table there is a lovely chandelier (crystals that look full) above to give it Grandness so that the career is good and grand.

9) What is placed on the dining table is also important hence do not place medicine on it, bread, fruits are ok.

10) There should be no mirror directly opposite your dining table if not your career would not last.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Happy 44th Birthday, Singapore !!!

Today, 9 August 2009, Singapore celebrates her 44th birthday !!! so let us ALL join in together and celebrate at Twitter in #HappyBdaySG !
Send in your greetings to show that you are ONE with Singapore thru your Twitter account. I know the Twitter site is down and difficult to tweat but I did it thru *Tweekdeck*, see you at #HappyBdaySG

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Looking for happiness, look within and not look out !

HAPPINESS is a strange word.
Sometimes we don't even know what THAT REALLY means and yet many of us are chasing after it.
When we don't know what happiness is and when we are subconsciously chasing for it, then even when happiness comes, we might not even realise it.
How then, Can we have real happiness is: to look "within us" and "not look outside".
Many of us chase for a bigger house, better career or even to have more money. These are "material things" that sometimes do not bring lasting happiness but temporary happiness and as soon as we have our own properties/assets, we would want to have more and more and that's never ending. Once we have enough, it is time to start to enjoy what you have reaped so far. Many people fail to enjoy what they have achieved till it is too late.
For example: if you think you want to have one million dollars by the time you turn 30 then you have to set a goal and work towards it or if you think S$10million is for you by the time you turn 60 then set that goal and work towards it and after you have arrived at your goal, kick the ball into the goal post and, it is then time to enjoy life.
While you are setting your goal and going towards it, be there, be in the present moment, every second, every moment and don't even think of what's next to do. That is why you find in my fengshui, I write a lot of reports using my gold pen, it is to practise *mindfulness*.
How then can we have happiness ?
1) When jealous comes to you - Be happy for those who are doing well and sincerely wish them the best and it has to come deep from your heart. That's happiness.
2) When anger arises - Know that being angry destroys your luck (a bit of fengshui here) and *mental well being* so one should do "deep breathing" to calm down and then the emotion or the label of "anger" will soon go away and then you can be peaceful once again. I seldom get angry as when there is no self, no ego, there is no reason to be angry at all. "there is nothing there"
3) When sadness comes to you - Immediately change your mindset to think of every possible things to turn things around and to make yourself happy. The best way to make yourself happy is to "give up on all your attachments to things". That way, you will be happy once again.
HAPPINESS is more than contentment, it is peace of mind. When the mind is peaceful, everything falls into place and as we walk in the path of the Light and follow the Universe.............we are always so peaceful and happy.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Next week, travelling to ChangAn, China 2009

Hi, I am scheduled to travel to DongGuan, ChangAn, China late next week and back for the weekends. Never been there before and may be quite a new experience, this time, no budget airlines. The last time, I had to wake up at 3.30am to catch my flight and when I arrive at the budget terminal at 4.30am there were already 20 people in the Q which was quite an experience.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Happy birthday, son !

1st August 2009 : My son, Ivan's 19th birthday.

Every mother in the world would think that their children are the "prettiest" n "dearest" child, ever. What then is a mum's greatest gift to the child ? is to bring him out to this world *give life* and to allow the child to be who he is and to be happy doing the things he loved most and to give him a good "education". Never have any expectation of your child and respect him for who he is. That way, your child would also respect you in return.