Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fengshui Concept of : Always have the money to buy food on the dining table

In the old days, people use an oil painting of fruits and hang it on a wall directly opposite their dining table for feng shui reasons : That there will always be food on the dining table hence career will always be good. You can also find this fs tip in old ancient chinese fengshui books, complete with drawings.

However in the course of my work and over the years, I have taken this a step further by telling some of my clients to buy an oil painting with padi field with the rice harvesting in yellow and a farmer and an "ox" to represent that : there will always be food on the dining table. of course, you will always have to work like an "ox". families with people born in the animal sign of "goat" will have their paintings done differently to cater to them. This is because the animal signs of "ox" and "goat" clash.
The fengshui concept of : What you hang on any wall directly opposite your dining table will have an impact on your career. Find out what you have and change it, maybe can give you unexpected good results.

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