Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cooked food is FIRE element and that is why they should be tasted when hot !

Today, 30 September 2009 Wednesday, I decided to go to Ang Mo Kio Hub to have my breakfast and ordered a plate of *hokkien mee* (craving for one) before going to my client's house for feng shui.
While there, as I looked at the steaming hot *hokkien mee* I recalled that *cooked food* are of the fire element and hence they should be eaten when it is hot and not cold cause when they are cold it becomes the water element and water element controls the fire, cooked food.
Many times, people would always tell you to eat it while it is hot but my meals are usually cold and especially when I order a cup of coffee cause after the feng shui is done and when you sip your coffee, it is already cold.

Monday, September 28, 2009

For those who wants to see the frog's eyes !

FSQ NOTES: Frogs and Toads bring *Good Luck* to mankind. Try not to eat frogs' legs ! This is the same frog that my friends and I take photo with at my Facebook photo album ;)

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You can shine !

Saw this at web inspirations : You can be DIFFERENT !!!

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Here are the songs that I like and am practising to sing in public soon:

Danny Chan : Another of my favourite

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Interview with Master Lynn Yap :

Give you the link later to enter and read !

One of my all time favourite song when growing up !

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Going for my Annual Retreat:

FSQ NOTE: I would be travelling with members of Amitabha Buddhist Centre to Kathmandu, Nepal on 17 October 2009 and back on 1st November 2009 for my annual 15 days retreat and we, 48 of us, are all going to stay at the Kopan Monastry
Photo shows The Stupa at Kopan Monastry. Have you been there ?

Ubi office goes on sale !

Today, 19 September 2009, an office at Ubi Teckpark is going for sale, 1,496 sqft, at S$350/- per sq ft but negotiable. Kindly contact our property agent, Aimus, PROPNEX at 9684-1418. Thanks !

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My entrepreneur journey - an email interview

Here is the link to enter and read about how I started my fengshui business and till date http://bit.ly/17NK55

She was the most important person in the world to me last nite !

FSQ NOTE: Anyone who sits beside you that day or talk to you that day, THAT person should be the most important person in the world to you ! so pay him or her that *special* attention and the world will go by simply, wonderfully !

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In the wealth area, there should be "activity" !

Every fengshui master will take the wealth area of your house differently, that is fine and not the point. The point is : when you locate the wealth area of your house, what do you do with it ? that can make or break, that is the point.
Why is the wealth area taken differently ? it is because their schools of fengshui are different and even if they are the same school, the application of it can be very different like some masters place a 9 star grid smack into your house floor plan, now is this accurate or not or should it be something else ? There can be many debates here but ultimately it is the feng shui masters' clients who would benefit if the wealth area is correctly chosen and the clients see results, 3 months later and I dare give my personal gurantee if not you can get your money back.
Usually, a fengshui master would recommend you to place a water feature there to activate the wealth because it is about WIND and WATER if not why in the old days, people call it wind and water meaning in chinese, feng and shui ? why ? because it is about the use of water ! how one uses the water is among one of the most important secrets in fengshui. How fast the water flow, how much water do you have vs hers ? how many ponds do you have or do real toads come at night to signify that you have done the right thing ?
In the wealth area, there should not be a fan, glass cabinet doors and no mirrors if not all of these can reflect and deflect all your wealth away. These are just concepts and knowledge and if you happen to arm yourself with these basic fengshui knowledge your life would be very very smooth and full of happiness and I mean inner happiness.
FSQ NOTE: Using new media as part of our Company's progress in bringing the art of feng shui to a different level, away from the rest like being Far from the Maddening crowd.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My unit at Ubi Techpark office is going for sale this Saturday !

On 19 September 2009, my office unit at Ubi Techpark is going on for sale at S$350/- per ft, area is 1496sq ft, 60 years leasehold, bought in March/April 2004.
I will release more info after Saturday on who to contact if you are keen. With the sale of this office, our Company is able to collect over S$300k of funds back and then to reinvest into 2 smaller office units also with good fengshui. In fact, even if our Company choose to buy one, it can be fully paid up from the start, however that is not a wise move.

Ongoing fengshui condo units for now :

FSQ NOTE: It is only one of the individual condo units that was being fengshuied recently and not the entire fengshui project. I will continue to serve my clients till I am aged 60 that is my *exit strategy* and to have S$10k of passive income for two from rental income. The plan on my *drawing board* is coming along nicely. Thank you, my clients for believing in my brand of fengshui, *fengshuiqueen* that truly shows results.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Golden fengshui Queen SG tip for you !

The living room in the house should always be BRIGHT so that your career, relationship, health and wealth are all very very bright.
Buy a house where the living room is bright if not you would always have to switch on the lights and that is not going *GREEN*.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

An enchanted evening, 8 Sept 2009

FSQ NOTE: It's an enchanted evening with gf out to the Japanese restuarant at The Central where the chef prepared all veg dishes for us. My friend coined the phrase of "hum hum, sup sup, tim tim" as the title of this blog page when life has it's hum, sup and tim, hope you like the photos taken on 8 September 2009. Thank you, Jojo for dinner and chef, Danny for coming up with such *creative veg* dishes for us and am sorry that the first 2 dishes of a salad and a bowl of beancurd with mushrooms are missing from the photos. I enjoyed myself eating and drinking and many thanks again, Jo for the wonderful memories, this one is for you, tim tim.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Don't bury real coins under cement !

Some people asked me if they should bury old ancient coins or real coins under the cement of their landed property house's main door and I said "no". One should never bury your *real coins* or *real money* if not they would be "weighted' and then they cannot "multiply" and give you more. That means that your wealth or net worth would be limited.

Which man or woman has *real* money buried in only one house that they own and today is very very rich ? If a couple owns several houses the impact is lesser and this is by allowing the fengshui master to see deeper into the bigger picture of things and of reality. Sometimes in life, it is our own stubborness coupled with our limited knowledge that hampers us from moving forward. Therefore, we must all learn to have an open mind and to allow all natural things to take its place and then we examine them one by one and *examine* them out one by one............by looking deeper.

Don't believe me then try this : Take a S$2 note and place a heavy paper weight on top and watch how you feel. If you can feel that your money is being "weighted" and an *uncomfortable* feeling then you will know what I mean.

FSQ NOTE: For the past 20 years, I have worked on the ground by telling people what to do and what not to do so that their lives can be improved hence a good amount of instinct and 6th sense do have to come into play. I am sure that you would love your fs master to be successful and is getting better and better than one who don't see any improvements in life and is not a saver nor a good stock and property investor........very few fs master are in this category. As a buddhist, I speak the truth and is sincere in helping you achieve a better life thru using fengshui principles. Hope you like this fs tip !