Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Predictions 2010 talks :

1) 9 Jan 2010 - Organised by Safra Mt Faber

2) 13 Jan 2010 - Organised by Absolute PR for their client, The Executive's Club (TEC)

3) 4 Feb 2010 - Organised by NUSS Guild House

4) 6 Feb 2010 - Organised by Safra Tampiness
FSQ NOTE: Hi, if you are a member of these clubs, do come and support me and see you there ! Many thanks also to those who have invited but I was unable to make it because of my other commitments, am so sorry, maybe next time and thank you for having considered me.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

We are shifting to serve you better !!!

Hi, our Ubi Techpark office has been sold for over S$403k (bought at S$245k in 2004) and we would have to move by end January 2010. It is quite a "wrong timing" to do shifting as chinese new year is around the corner and we have many things on our hands. But nevertheless since the 2010 's *troublesome energy* is at our main door in the south west of our *investment house*......what to do ? I would be shifting my *dumbells* here in the SW soon as soon as I can't *tahan* the energy.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy my Christmas ! see you at my coming talks ! Your savvy fengshui master, speaks again and our companies believe in corporate governance. Stay tune to where we are shifting to. In the meantime, the registered office address is at our investment house : 45 Gerald Cresent, Singapore 799733. MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone !

As Christmas approaches, this song is for you.....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Predictions 2010 talk:

Hi, I have been invited to give a "Predictions for 2010" talk at NUSS, Guild House on the 4th February 2010. Hope to see you there !

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The wealth area where art thou ?

In fengshui studies, it is the wealth area that makes fengshui so popular today and of course fengshui is much more than just creating wealth for clients, it goes way beyond that. Just look at my clients, find them in my Facebook friends and one knows why. We became friends and is more than just Facebook friends. Nevertheless, we do poke and superpoke each other !

In a house or office : there is a wealth area and that area has to have "activity"in order to create *constant wealth* for you so your wealth area should not be your "store room" or simply an "empty room" with no furnitures where you hardly go into.

In the home : the wealth area is usually your most most comfortable area where that area has a strong *drawing power* but only if you use it as your "study room" where your computer is or maybe a tv in your living room hence it draws you to that spot of your house.

In an office : it could be the "pantry area" or the "reception area" or simply just a "meeting room" however, these are not good uses of the wealth area. Ideally, there should be people working there to create energy. Maximise the space there to put it into good use would be the best and Good Luck in searching for the wealth area of your house or office, without inviting a Fengshui Master ;)

PHOTO : taken from Ferraria Park Condo as I love the purple flowers there.

Monday, November 16, 2009

8 Photos that I could'nt possibly take myself

FSQ NOTE: These 8 photos are taken from Christopher Ng's album. Thank you Chris (that's Chris seated next to Geshe-la in the 4th photo) for all those wonderful photos which I could not take myself. If you are in Facebook, you can see more there. At the Gompa, I am in pink seated second row far right next to the cupboard. My seat was there for the past 12 days of Lam Rim Meditation until I get all the blue and white energy at the end of 10 days. You want to come, next time they have classes ? check out the Kopan Monastry website

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What is the single most important thing that I learnt from this retreat ?

That when you are on a veg diet for almost a year and live your life with mindfulness on your own body, speech and mind, the true energy will surface after 12 days of meditation.
During the retreat, I was on *noble silence* for 12 days as I felt that that would give me the most merits created and also I would be able to note *the nature* that surrounds us. Hence, I listened to the wind, the dogs barking at early morning and the leaves that fall in front of me and the various dogs and insects that appear before me on my 10th day of my retreat. I figured it out that : When one is truly compassionate and that compassion comes true from the heart with no intention of harming any sentient beings then insects and dogs will appear....just like that.
I also picked various gifts from the Universe like pieces of flowers and dried leaves that glitter in front of me such that I had to pick them and take a closer look. I also noticed that the flowers all started to speak to me including that big tree where I meditated and that big tree is a male tree as his voice is deep. If you are on the same level with nature as I am, you will know what I mean. Otherwise, you would'nt even be able to understand what I am talking about.
This retreat though tiring (I usually take a quick lunch and then go to bed and sleep if not I know I would'nt be able to take the 7.45pm last session, the 6th session for the day as it is already past my bedtime at 10pm SG time). I know deep inside me help created tremendous merits and various very useful technics of helping us creating merits thru visualisation. It is such a beautiful skill and secret.
I read in a book that says that usually after the retreat, the next day, realisations will come so I waited for it to happen. However, it happened in Kopan Monastry and not when I am back home in Singapore, the next morning. That realisation is your own *personal secret* revealed to you. I hope many of my buddhist friend also received theirs. Rejoice !
The single most important thing that I learnt in this retreat is : To go at your own pace and learn to look at many things deeper and deeper. Only when one who has learnt to look at most things deeper, will one be able to understand the nature of reality.
FSQ NOTE: If there is another session next year in October, 2010, I would surely come ! and it is a big YES for me !!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Group Photos

FSQ NOTE: Come join Amithaba Buddhist Centre and be a member, that way you will know when the centre organises the next retreat and you can join us too ! rejoice !

My friends and I

FSQ (Fengshui Queen) NOTE: How many times in your daily life are you always afraid ? when you are afraid, note it so that you are aware. Then ask yourself : what is the next worst thing that can happen to you ? Maybe you are late for an appointment or late for an important meeting ? then sort all of these in your mind and reply yourself. that way, you may learn how to overcome your own fear.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Our sincere gratitude to all our teachers during the retreat

FSQ NOTE : Geshe-la is our main teacher during the Lam Rim Meditation retreat, however Geshe-la also invited other teachers to teach us and we are all very grateful. Many thanks to the kindness of our teachers for imparting their knowledge to us, we are most grateful. Geshe-la is the first one in the photo and the photo is from Christopher Ng's album.

Friday, November 06, 2009

My own early morning meditation at Kopan

FSQ NOTE: Every morning from 18 October right till 28 October, at around 4.30am and some times, it is 4.50am, I would be here meditating (seated on the floor in front of the big tree and facing the rest of the world below) and simply just focusing on my breath, breathing in and breathing out till the Monastry opposite rang their bell at 5 am (once I counted and count till 304 ringing times) and till a venerable came to unlock the door of the Gompa and till I hear a few alarm clocks ring and till I also hear the footsteps of my buddhist friend, get up and go to bathroom outside and sometimes I heard him climbing many steps up and up and then I get up and go back to my room. Nobody speak to me nor did I speak to anyone, every morning.

Personally, I love this kind of meditation as it calms down the mind and make it *still*. It is in stillness where insights come and most of the time help me in many of my own decision making. Every morning before I go out to work, I usually do the same at home. And yes, I love to meditate, would you like to join me early morning, next time ? even though we were told to live our lives for this very moment ;)

Monday, November 02, 2009

Scenes of the places where we sat for 12 days from 6am to 9.15pm everyday, in The Gompa, Kopan Monastry

The impressive energy of the Lam Rim Meditation !

FSQ NOTE: Notice the blue energy AND the white energy around my head after 10 days of Lam Rim Meditation Retreat.
Blue energy representing Medicine Buddha and white energy representing Chenrigz. We were told to visualise that for the past 10 days and this is the result ! By the way, I have been meditating since 1994, about 15 years.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Photo Highlights of my Lam Rim Meditation Retreat, 2009

FSQ NOTES: These are some of the photos taken at my Lam Rim Meditation Retreat 2009 at Kopan Monastry, Kathmandu, Nepal where I stayed from 17 Oct to 1st Nov 2009, total of 16 days, the longest that I have ever been away and my first Lam Rim Meditation Retreat. Thank you, Amithaba Buddhist Centre, Singapore.