Thursday, December 31, 2009

In a few hours, we would be entering into 2010 !!!

Happy Happy New Year, 2010 !!!!!

Thank you to all 36 who sent the Christmas SMS greetings !

The following are : 2461,3214,Hendrik,6296,5166,0901,6810,5739,2719,Mary
Ray tham(my photographer),3258,1009,1582,1862,5439,Madison,5439,6627,Martin,3102,1161.
FSQ NOTE: I usually would reply with my own Greetings' message :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Pinnacle@Duxton - I was there on 26 December 2009 (Saturday) and yesterday, 27 December and will be back again the first week of January with 2 more clients, giving me a total of 4 clients here and I, personally do every single one of them. One word sums it up *Beautiful* ! not just the feng shui but the way it was constructed to allow the wind to blow thru. The facade is great too nice colour ! Hope you like the photos taken from my Nokia, am off to work now.

Youtube : Ajahn Brahm

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone !!! is the time of the year where we wish our friends, fans, clients, family members a VERY, VERY special and beautiful Christmas.
This Christmas, I had some very special gifts from friends/clients and tonight, am going to pop a bottle of champagne and drink to celebrate the Christmas cheer and the art of *giving* which can make everyone, more generous and more compassionate.
I also closed a deal to go to Guangzhou, China on the 20 January 2010 but I would be back for my Predictions talk in February and the Chinese New Year, cause I would miss you.
Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas, my dear readers of this blog and may Peace and Happiness find their way to your heart. Merry Christmas ! from Master Lynn Yap & family

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The power area in your house

Today, 16 December 2009 Wednesday : Have 2 appointments then meeting my interior designer about my new office reno.

FSQ Singapore fengshui Queen, Lynn Yap says : In the course of my work, many clients sms while some mms to me and we don't use fax as our companies are going green. Many times, they would email with attachments for me to see their house floor plan and reno design etc hence a lot of work is done behind the computer but I love every moment of my job because I can help people solve their fengshui problems.

Today, I would like to share some tips about the power area of your house :

The power area in your house is among one of the most important sectors that I would look out for other than the wealth area. When I choose the power area for a house, it is ok if the power area do not have any windows but wealth area usually must have windows to tap better qi for wealth.

For many people, it can quite difficult to find out where the power area of your house is without inviting the fengshui master. However, if your 6th sense is good, you can discover where the good areas of your house and then put the right things there to tap the qi of the house so that everything goes in harmony, when the qi balances, everything is perfect.

The power area is also one of the most comfortable area of the whole house and a place where sleep always happen. Hence if you always fall alseep in that particular part of the house, then usually that is the power area and what fengshui stuff can you place there to enhance the power ?

1) You may wish to place a standing lamp or a table lamp there -

2) You may wish to burn a big fat red candles in that area and usually within 3 hours your phone will ring or a new business deal is done then you know that you have got the right power area. test this out youself and feel the wonderful nature of feng shui and how feng shui help many many people.

3) The power sector should never have its wall painted blue -

4) The power sector should be painted, red, pink, purple or orange colour to activate the power for some restuarants' fengshui, we use orange which is a more modern colour.

5) It is ideal to place your 6 seater or 8 seater dining table in the power area so that your career would have power.

6) It would be great if you can sleep in the power sector of your house so that when you wake up, your health is always very good and and when you speak, you have the *power*.

7) A fish tank or a water feature should never never be placed in the power sector if not you are sure to fall very ill. Don't believe me, try this and discover feng shui for yourself !

8) There should also not be a big mirror in the power sector.

9) There should also not be a standing fan or ceiling fan in the power area, if not children would tend to fall sick all the time. Take note and try to do something different in your house this Christmas and see if things can work and improve. Merry Christmas, everyone !

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our new office at First Centre !

Come January 2010, our office would be located at First Centre, 50 Serangoon Ave 4, on the 9th floor. If you drive past Yio Chu Kang, you can actually see the new building though I can't smell much of the cement.
We have rented the premises to conduct our business of Geomancy till we make our purchase on 2 new units or maybe just 1 but on the ground floor as those on the ground floor usually cost a lot more. sms if you wish to do your annual review or even for all your fengshui needs at +65-9685-2718. when I am in, you would be able to see a silver bmw parked on the ground floor ;)

Sunday, December 06, 2009

My 3 little achievements in 2009

Today, 7 December 2009 Monday, I will be spending quiet time with my lady client over lunch and in the afternoon, I have another appointment to source for our new office.

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: It is that time of the year where we want to wrap up all that we did in 2009, reflect back and see if there was anything, anywhere that we could have done it better.

Below are my 3 litttle achievements in 2009 :
1) Since 1st December 2008 I started going on a vegetarian diet and succeeded for more than a year and till todate - I never knew that I could do it and with my family's blessings, I am still vegan except that I drink a glass of red wine each evening before I sleep. I guess it takes *discipline* to achieve and am happy to announce that some of my clients are also vegetarian but I did tell them to take some meat, on and off.

When we begin our path in this manner, we are actually going on a separate *realm* away from the path of most people. Our path became more spiritual, more pure and we are protected most of the time. Hence, any decision that we make or do, it somehow will turn good for us. That is when we know that "God" is around us. The Universe is looking at you !

Many thanks to my clients who gave me over 32 bottles of red wine, 4 cans/boxes of "Tie Kuan Yim", a hamper for my 50th birthday and a Christmas log cake. I started blogging in May 2008 last year and till is YOU who gave me the passion to get up each morning to serve and to help in all of your fengshui needs. Thank you so much for a wonderful year !

2) Our ubi office has been sold for a small profit and we are moving office - We will announce our new office soon. If we had sold earlier, we would have made a lot more like another S$100k but then that is life, isn't it ? Because it is the RIGHT timing for us NOW to move and not in the earlier years. The timing has to be right and you have to FEEL right and that you have made a good move.

3) I managed to take 2 meditation breaks in 2009 and succeeded in getting a nimitta and into Jhana stage I - I would need to meditate more to get into stage II and as for the Lam Rim Meditation, I managed to have "white" and "blue" energies around my forehead reflecting my inner most self, pure with morality and with skillful speech as I seldom gossip and talk unneccesarily. That way, the Aura around me is "pure" and "bright". Merry Christmas !!!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Photo taken yesterday for a lady client

If you wish to know where I did the eyelash extension, it is at Far East Plaza, 4th level, a shop named GLAMOUR.