Sunday, January 17, 2010

Leaving for Guangzhou, China !

Hi, I would be leaving for Guangzhou, China on 20 Jan and back on 22 Jan 2010. It is a short trip and would be back pretty soon. Let's catch up in FACEBOOK under the account of Lynn Yap and let's talk there on my "wall" or chat me up ;)
I do my work personally as I wish to offer the best of fengshui consultancy services, ever and am 51 this year. Photo taken today from my mobile.


Anonymous said...

Your enthusiasm are totally different with other Fengshui Sifu. I'm new here, would appreciate can get your office address and contact number. Interested in your fengshui consultation.

Thank You.

Lynn Yap said...


Thank you. My motivation is to help anyone who comes to me for help.

Sms me at +65 9685-2718. thank you !