Friday, January 01, 2010

Thank you for all your wonderful 45 New Year's smss !!!

Many thanks to all who sent smss to me yesterday evening and some today:

A big Thank you to : Jojo, Mrs. Lim, 9819, 2877,3727,6988 (Dutta from India), 2618,9810, 3822,1077,0191,8235,6617,Angie & family from Melaka,8898,9819,8480,Joanne, 3727,VS Kumar and Family, 6693, 5119,Stanley, Ted, 4731, Fred,5466,8838,1009,0328, 8858,Christina,3258,1081,1829,1822,2504, Mike from Australia,Glendon from Art Tree Gallery, Priscilla Kuan, 3214,Mary, Christopher Pau, 5739 and Anna.

FSQ NOTE: It has always been my practice that who ever send me smss, I will surely reply and this year, my message is : "Have a happy, happy and prosperous 2010 !!!!"


Melissa said...

Hope u like the champagne n wing glasses

Lynn Yap said...


Yes, many thanks to you and Dr. David for the wonderful 4 glasses and champagne as it is different from the rest that I have tasted.

I pop them on x'mas eve and drank the whole bottle but I spill half a bottle away !!! Thank you for making my x'mas eve a night not to forget !!! keke