Friday, January 22, 2010

This is the website where I go to create merits !

Hi, this is the online website where I go to to do a donation in my son's name :

Mahayana tradition suits me : how do I know ? Because everytime, I do a donation there is this unbelievable joy in my heart that lingers for a while. I did'nt notice *the difference* till I try other things then insights come and tell me that : "Yes, Lynn, this is it....this is the one that suits you and it is the Mahayana tradition of Buddhism and maybe because my past lives have already been connected to it.

However, I will still learn meditation or buddhism from others in the course of my path towards achieving full enlightment. Only then can I know or gather whatever that suits me and my past karma.

Always try to have compassion where ever you go ok ? Be nice to whoever is the one sitting next to you - at that very moment !!! :)

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