Sunday, January 10, 2010



Anonymous said...

Nice video! Makes me think about what your advice earlier! You're truly a wise Master! ;) Minghui

Lynn Yap said...


I am glad that you like this video. I have watched it twice already.

So when my office is messy or unpacked, it did'nt matter. What's most important is that : everyone in the office is always smiling and very very happy indeed. I want to be the most smiling, humorous fengshui master ever !!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes you are a smiling humourous FSQ Master Lynn! ;)

It's interesting that the big picture finally kicks in and suddenly there're realization and many insights. I like how this video threads many things about life together.

Let's celebrate what we have and what life has got to offer!

Have a nice day!


PS: Do you know if there're tickets left for your FS talk on 6 Feb?

Elizabeth MH said...

BTW I must share this with you:

Your tip on placing S$1k note in the money bowl works!!!!


Money came in! Even money owed to me!


PS: You are the best as you are smart, professional and your FS works!

Feel free to use this as a testimonial from me!

Lynn Yap said...


I am not too sure if there are tickets left as I am only their invited speaker. Maybe you can contact them directly huh ? thanks.

Master Lynn Yap