Sunday, March 28, 2010

When someone cares for you, how do you react ?

When someone you know, cares for you by simply asking, "Hei, you look moody today?"
What is your reply ? Usually it depends on how close the two person's relationship is.
If a wife ask her husband and he replied very rudely, it is normal. (haha). However if a friend ask you and your reply is rather rude, then it is time to re-consider how you should reply your friend, if not : it can mean *not rightful speech* as in buddhism or you come across as someone with a sharp and blunt mouth. Then in future, no one is ever going to ever ask you, "Hei, have you taken your dinner or are you ok ?"
The way we speak sometimes tell or reveal the soul that is trapped in us. The soul can be a happy one if one knows how to *transform our mind* by making sure that whatever outcome it is, we stay positive. Example: like when we were waiting for our son's O level or A level results.......or by *transforming our mind* so that we can look deeper, feel deeper into things and make sure we stay happy and positive whatever the outcome.
And never never ever give pressure to our children (although we may have BIG plans for our kids) or for even for our other half. We seldom give pressure to our friends because friends remain in the *outside circle* of our lives. family members still comes in to the core of the circle, the dot.
Learning how to speak or reply to someone is a very important tool in society especially when you work for a living or unless you are your own boss but when you are your own boss, you even have to be more mindful with with your mouth for fear of scaring away all your customers. Then no customers, then how, eat grass (jia chow) eh ? you want ? hehe
So, do be mindful of what words that come out of your mouth, they are an extension of your mood and soul inside you. I write here is because I teach and share whatever knowledge that I know of be it right or wrong, you be the judge.
When I practise selflessness, would you ever know ? maybe only time will tell.........if I am true to my words and actions. I even do fengshui for a song, would you believe it or quote a lady client just S$1/- ! she accepted and in the end paid me S$50/- and I was so ever grateful. Life is about money, yes but not to the extent that money always come out of your mouth, ok ! there are some things that money can't buy like the respect from your clients or the respect from your children. Treat your child with respect and they will respect you back.
FSQ NOTE: A lady client recently came to my new office and told me that I hardly write in my blog and I apologised and smiled and said ok, I will try to write more.
This is because once I started playing games in Facebook, my system change and time to do this and that changed too, plus now tues and thurs, I have class at ABC for Special Insights by Geshe-la and is so so interesting and so mind bogging that I said wow, this is *chim* (hokkien) but it is the only way to enlightment, so I must go. When I am there, I noticed the space between my eyebrow moved and throbbing, just like when I was in Nepal. I felt it again and I love this feeling and want more......
Find the time, sleep less and go ! unless I have a early talk the next morning at 9.30am or an important client meeting then I have to skip, if not, no excuse. And so I went, out of 6 classes, I managed to attend 3. Not bad lah considering early months of the year, Geomancers are usually at their busiest ;)


Minghui said...

Hi Master Yap!

Thank you for this post! It's a great article on rightful speech and I appreciate it!

On a lighter note, when I read this article, I was going to say "Amen", you know how Christians would say this word to praise the Lord?

Is there any phrases in Buddhism that we can use to achieve the same effect? Will Om Mani Padme Hum do?

Have a great day Master Yap!


Suka Bebel said...

Hi Master Yap,

I got your full version of 2010 prediction and I'm in the year of monkey. As stated in your prediction, I will have a bad year this year and it already shown especially on my financial. please guide me what to do to overcome this bad year. really appreciate your kindness help.


Lynn Yap said...


Thank you for your comments. I thought everyone has forgotten about me already !

In buddhism, as you would know is to *let it go*. Hence, even though sometimes I just want to have my say but I refrain and let the other person has the final say.

It is tough but this is part and parcel of our *mind training* to be a better buddhist, so we simply learn to let it Go.


Lynn Yap said...

Suka Bebel

When the year clashes with your own animal sign, it causes *changes*, all kinds however sometimes it can be a good change and depends on one's individual bazi (based on one's birthdate and time of birth).

Without reading deeper into your bazi, all I can advise is for you to carry a 8 sided Ba Gua in your wallet to ward off the year.

And if you wish to do a personal reading then contact my office number or sms to me personally.