Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Annual Review for 2011, begins 1st October 2010

Today, 30 September 2010 Thursday, I am really looking forward to having lunch with JoJo this afternoon at Mandarin Gallery. Oppps......can't tell you where I will be but I will be somewhere around and if you know JoJo personally, you can guess where ^_^
For the year 2010, I am really grateful for all your wonderful support and my family members are grateful too particulary my dad and mum. They are my biggest fans, next then come my darling.
FSQ Fengshui Tip: When you are very very hungry (too busy to eat) the business will come and this is particulary useful for those who are in the property business. Make money and learn how to grow your wealth ok ? ^_^ if not see me for your Life Reading or Annual Review where I am already booked on 1st October onwards for next year's fortune, 2011 and each person is given 2 hours, some 4 hours.
Annual reviews are sessions where clients reflect upon the year that had passed and then see if the new year 2011 will bring them better fortune or not and then how to make it better. Personally, I always enjoy these sessions with my clients as it gives me a deep sense of satisfaction knowing how well they had fared over the past 10 years. Recently, I did fengshui for a couple's HDB apartment who found me from the internet and hired me as their fengshui master and they like many of my clients hoped that my fengshui skills can help them improve their lives and fortune. I was touched when I heard that and can see that they really need my help.
PS: A lady client placed a not so green cabbage in her fridge and she texted me that day saying all the green green cabbage were gone after work (near Suntec area) left these and so she bought and guess what ? A week later she texted saying she strike 4d ! we were both laughing cause she said if her cabbage is greener maybe strike more money...... kekeke
I know I have some very very good supporters and thank you for being there for me.

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Patsy said...


If we buy a greener cabbage, do we just throw the previous cabbage away? How long should the cabbage remain in the fridge, do we need to change a new one after some time?

With Metta, Patsy