Friday, October 22, 2010

1st November to 4 November 2010 - Going to Tokyo, Japan !!!

Today 23 October 2010 Saturday - going to work later and is a long day (one house review and two readings in office). Tomorrow, Sunday, going to have brunch with Anna and her korean friend at Sheraton Towers n I can't wait ! Well.......your fengshui Queen SG, Lynn Yap is going to be busy this weekend.
As I have mentioned before, weekends are usually my busiest and I work on Sundays too (maybe a bit too hardworking) however if you count the number of hours worked, they are actually very little. I am usually home by 5 pm and then I work on emails, update my Facebook with my tv on !
1st November - 4 November 2010 - going to Tokyo, Japan (6 hours) and then 2 hours to Shinjuku where I would be staying at Hyatt Regency. My bodyguard is coming along this trip with me.
9 November 2010 - it is confirmed that I would be going to Kuala Lumpur to give a talk to the F & B industries. I would be spending my free time next week working on my slides for my presentation in KL.
Predictions 2011 - Thank you to those who asked me if my slides for these are ready. hehe.....not yet sweetie. I will work on them in December.
FSQ Note1: Do you like rainbows ? I do. In 2009, when I was on a veg diet, I saw rainbows twice. Once in Hua Hin, Thailand, the other was home after my 2 weeks retreat in Nepal, October 2009 and the end of my 1 year veg diet. Can you do that ? I mean.....go veg and no meat for one year ? I did it. ^_^ I didn't feel weak but I put on weight.
When I saw those rainbows, I was so excited that I merely wanted to capture those rainbows so that I could admire them when they are gone but I also made "wishes". Next time where ever you are and if you happen to see a rainbow, make a wish and be assured that they will come true.
FSQ Note2: First Centre - yesterday evening after work around 4.00pm, I went to the canteen to "tar pau" (buy) food home and a young lady passed by and said...."she is a fengshui master" ! I looked up from my handy as I was reading my updates in Facebook when I saw a young lady and she said she read my blog so she recognised me ^_^
Ooooo.......I didn't know that my blog is so so popular that even in First Centre, people can recognise me ! Thank you for coming to my page and read my blog. Anyhow, my lease there expires in June 2011 and I have not yet decided if I am going to stay in First Centre or maybe move somewhere else.

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Anonymous said...

me too. I am also very excited to see rainbow .. Yours is much brighter than mine.