Sunday, October 17, 2010

Do you like Mondays ?

Today, 18 October 2010 Monday - It's another week. Do you like Mondays ? Personally, there is no difference for me except that I get to go home early on Monday most of the time.
Last Saturday, I met a lady client and we spoke about properties after doing her feng shui. Every time I meet someone they will usually tell me that the property is very expensive now. I usually shake my head and tell her or him, it is expensive relative to yesterday's prices or to prices that were 5 years ago. We cannot go on comparing like this if not we cannot make a good judgement to buy today or now.
7 years ago in 2003, when I bought my own property, all my mindset thought was : what will be the price of this property, 5 years later and if my gut feel is that the price will appreciate, then consider the deal done. 7 years later, you can imagine how much the price had appreciated. During these period, many of my clients also bought properties, some condos, some landed. Today, we are all asset rich because our properties have appreciated, plus with good feng shui. Today, I am seriously considering if I should move house, my first after 7 years. call it 7 year itch kekeke..........but let me think about it.
FSQ NOTE: Many of my clients who have followed me in my brand of fengshui will usually consult me before they shift be it house or office and that's how it is in the fengshui environment. Have a great week !

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Patricia said...

Hi Lynn,

But indeed the private properties are really very expensive. Imagine the price of mass market condominium can be as high as $800 psf in suburban areas like Choa Chu Kang. Is it really worth to buy?