Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 80th Birthday, dad !!!

Today 11 October 2010 Monday - It is another week how was yours ?

Singapore Fengshui Blogs - Sometimes I wonder if fengshui masters write blogs ..........well, you know ? for me, I just focus on my work, myself (take care of health don't overwork) and my goals. I don't dream, I make it happen and I like to stay away from crowds.

Of course family are important too cause they form the support for me. Yesterday, my family and I just celebrated my dad's 80th birthday at a restuarant and I wonder why my dad texted later to thank me for giving him a big surprise red packet and said that he was very happy that both my brother and I owned our own landed properties. Maybe it had something to do with my aunty.

Annual Reviews : Thank you for the numerous sms that I received for making appointments and you know my style, sometimes I don't reply cause am simply too busy. But my long time clients very clever, gave me a date and time so that it is easier for me to say ok ! kekeke

Personal: I want to buy Marian, Sebastian and Anna buffet lunch, need to arrange or maybe after my Japan trip.

FSQ NOTE: Thank you for your sms also about the "green cabbage" and so far one lady client told me it worked for her too and ask me to write more in my blog. Sweetheart, I try ok ? Have a great week !!!

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