Monday, October 04, 2010

My schedule today

Today, 5 October 2010 Tuesday - I have two appointments today, the second one going down to Yishun area for feng shui.

How are you so far into 2010 ? Hope you are fine and tell me about it when you come for your annual reviews, yah ? ^_^

Fengshui Queen Singapore fengshui tip: It's about the green cabbage..........just leave the cabbage in the freezer and just before chinese new year, 2011 change to a new one and wait for results. Thank you to many who came and shared with me about the tips of putting coins on their writing desk, carrying abacus in their wallets etc.

You know, just yesterday I had a life reading from a client who met me 9 to 10 years ago when my shop was at Kitchener Road and he remembered a fish tank in the middle of the shop and I simply laughed. Those were the fun days and his wife merely smiled. 10 years on......well, we have probably arrived, somewhere lah !

What I noticed about my clients is that : they like to look at my "facial expression" when I first see the house or office and then they try to conclude. hehe. I can't see my facial expression but maybe you can ^_^ while some "char char" one (wood person) cannot even see if I am having a tummy ache ^_^

Annual Reviews 2011 : had done a few, already
Photo: taken last Sunday, 3rd October

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