Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Follow up on earlier post :

Early this morning when I was still lying in bed around 9am, someone texted me asking for the organisers name and contact numbers so here goes :
1) Safra Mt Faber - Zee, telephone : 6377-3677

2) NUSS - Charlene Teo, DID : 6586-3717 (this event only open to past graduates of NUS)

3) Safra Tampiness - Janet Lee, DID : 6788-8413

FSQ NOTE: Please be kind and patient with them, thank you.

FSQ NOTE2: On another note, I would like to thank the Organisers of GAB Trade Engagement Forum 2011 particulary, Richard Soo and his team for taking care of my speaking arrangments on 9 Nov in Kuala Lumpur and for making my stay at Nikko Hotel, such a pleasant one. I had a wonderful time, thanks. Yes, we tweet, we blog, we facebooked too ! ^_^ Thank you too for all the free flow of Guinness and beer !

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