Friday, November 19, 2010

How is 2010 for you ?

Today,20 November 2010 Saturday : It is almost the end of the year where we will sit down and wonder how fast the year has gone and what we have achieved ? The year has been most "eventful" for me.
Many people have also started asking for my "Predictions for 2011" and I tell them it is not ready. This is because I need my own "space" (time) to meditate and then write down in my small booklet ^_^ so I may go away this Christmas for a few days (personal retreat) to do this.
The Fengshui Savy Investor Blog : Thank you for the many wonderful followers of this blog that in a day from 7am to 7am, I can count 284 people visiting ! Wah !!! My father would be very very proud. Anyhow, we are going for brunch this Sunday with dad and mum.

Thank you to all the wonderful clients that I have had added to my collection of Corporate clients and please don't circulate my list of Corporate clients cause it will read like a who's who in Singapore.

This year, 2010, I have been to Guangzhou, China, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (twice), Leh, Ladakh, India and Tokyo, Japan. It has been most fun and enjoyable cause whenever I travel, I place my mind there and at that very moment and never think of home till I am back ^_^

I am looking for a lady client whose Company sells fibre glass ponds and would like to contact her. Can you sms to me at +65-9685-2718 ? thanks.
Fengshui Queen, Singapore, Master Lynn Yap's 2010 tip : "lu yi" gold, 916. Remembered that the whole Singapore, ran out of stock ? and have to wait for new stocks to come in ....^_^ and someone said to me that it was a tall order for him but look at the price of gold today and one would have understooded. I always have foresight lah ! ;) cause I am a meditator. Ok, ok, next year, 2011 tip is simpler but also not that easy ^_^

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