Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"When flowers bloom and a short note"

Today, 18 November 2010 Thursday - How are you ?
Many thanks to those who told me that they love my Japan Trip photos and videos ^_^ that make them want to go to Japan too !
On another note, On entrepreneurship : I am just wondering how many of you are entrepreneurs and is considered successful ? I think there are many out there while some may not be considered as successful as the other one. "Entrepreneurs are born and not trained". However, entrepreneurs can still learn some skills set and mindset in order to succeed better if they are not born with the bazi (a form of destiny reading based on a person's birthdate and time) of an entrepreneur. However, many a times, they fail is because they are too too stubborn and refuse to listen to anyone except themselves. They always think themselves right all the time.
On love : Some women like to hold on to their man too much and I advise them to let go. The more you let him go, the better. Everyone needs their own space. That special space, where we can curl up and be ourselves, our hangups and yet is being loved by that special someone be it your husband or boyfriend. The best is to be loved, unconditionally ^_^, the way a mother loves her child whether the child is hers or not. This is universal love and can be unconditional.
Fengshui Queen, Singapore, Master Lynn Yap's tip :
"The colour of the clothes that we wear everyday plays a big role in our fortune for that day"
"The colour of your handbag and wallet are also important and so are the shoes colour that we wear"
PHOTO Shows : The new flats at Bendemeer Road. I just love the colours !!!


Anonymous said...

Heloo Master Yap,

Is red a "good" colour for wallets, handbags & shoes? or different colour bring out different elements?

Much appreciate your thoughts on this matter because I am a woman.

Ms Wong

Lynn Yap said...

Ms Wong
Thank you for your comments.

Different colours represent different elements ;)

Minghui said...

Hi Master Yap

Thanks for your tips.

Let me read between the lines...

1) We should wear our Lucky colour for general good luck

2) For money luck, we should wear the colour for our individual money element.

Correct my understanding if I am wrong.

My lucky colour is red....does that mean I should go all the way and wear red shoes with red dress and red wallet?

^_~ Minghui