Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Have a wonderful Christmas !!!

Today 9 December 2010 Thursday - How time flies.......Er sorry... I was kinda busy the last two weeks to write my blog. You know why ? so many emails to reply and being booked for talks in Chinese New Year Company's Lohei events !!! I would not tell you where I will be, think it will spoil the fun out of organising these events. Well, if you see my name as the speaker, do come and support me ok ? ^_^
Christmas is just round the corner and I would like to share a little secret of mine. Usually when everyone is celebrating Christmas, I would go to my little corner in my house and sit down to write my Predictions for the year which usually take quite some time to write, maybe a week to finish.
But I never circulated them out, it is usually done by my fans. Some even bring their cameras and every slide I speak, I can see 30 sparks of camera flashes out of 300 people seated. I never noticed that but one of my client came and told me afterwards. Well.........please don't do it this year, just ask the Organiser for my slides. Just come relax and hear me tell stories or jokes lah and be HAPPY ! Hei, did you ever noticed that when it is my turn to speak, I always have full house. Flush !!! Woh....Have a wonderful Christmas dearest ^_^

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