Friday, January 01, 2010

Leaving on 20 January 2010 :

Hi, I will be leaving for Guangzhou, China on 20 January 2010 and back shortly.
Photo shows Hillcrest Villa on Hillcrest road.

Thank you for all your wonderful 45 New Year's smss !!!

Many thanks to all who sent smss to me yesterday evening and some today:

A big Thank you to : Jojo, Mrs. Lim, 9819, 2877,3727,6988 (Dutta from India), 2618,9810, 3822,1077,0191,8235,6617,Angie & family from Melaka,8898,9819,8480,Joanne, 3727,VS Kumar and Family, 6693, 5119,Stanley, Ted, 4731, Fred,5466,8838,1009,0328, 8858,Christina,3258,1081,1829,1822,2504, Mike from Australia,Glendon from Art Tree Gallery, Priscilla Kuan, 3214,Mary, Christopher Pau, 5739 and Anna.

FSQ NOTE: It has always been my practice that who ever send me smss, I will surely reply and this year, my message is : "Have a happy, happy and prosperous 2010 !!!!"