Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tomorrow is Losar, a Merit Multiplying Day !

Hi, tomorrow 28 February 2010 is Losar and is a Merit Multiplying Day meaning whatever good deeds you do, tomorrow they will be multiplied millions of times.
So.............Be Good and Do Good Deeds tomorrow. Do a donation online or go to any charitable organisations or any temple and do a donation as this help to create merits.
FSQ NOTE: For me personally, I will be reciting the Golden Light Sutra today and tomorrow and to dedicate merits to all sentient beings and to all my beloved clients/fans/followers for their strong support the last 10 years.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Thank you for your over 104 sms !!!

Thank you for all Happy Chinese New Year Greetings :

They are from : xx97, Dutta India,
xx27,xx25,xx33,Angela,xx09,Desmond,xx29,Jeff & Family, xx05,xx78,Lawrence,xx89,xx27,xx86,xx14,Marian & Family,xx61,xx78,xx10,xx27,xx83,xx56,Adrian Bay & Family,xx55.

Foo TC, xx58,xx08,Paul,Alan,xx50,Christine,xx58,xx92,xx98,
Elizabeth, xx36,xx95, xx35,xx13,xx13,xx39,Victor, xx88, Melissa, xx43, Garrik,
Fred,xx28,xx22,xx17, xx40,xx88,xx27,Henry,xx68,
xx72, xx15,Linda, xx16,xx88,xx97, Ronnie, Hendrik, Winnie, xx80,xx71, xx80,xx66, xx79,xx68,xx31,Jenn, xx87, xx08, Jean, Lawrence
Quek & Annie, xx19, xx38, Joanne, xx99, xx73, xx85, xx91,Juliana, xx69, xx71,xx46,
Mary,xx11,xx43, xx98,xx95,xx19,xx07,xx99, xx19,Teoh n Family, xx68, xx55, xx23.
Many thanks to the numerous emails and Facebook's chat's messages. Thank you so very very much, I am fine.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

When 2 big events come together on a single day, it is double blessings !

Hi, my family and I, Master Lynn Yap would like to take this great opportunity to wish all customers, fans, supporters, ardent admirers, relatives, friends a VERY Happy Happy, Heng Heng, Tua Huat Lunar New Year 2010 !!! and Happy Valentine !!!

This pair of oranges are from my sister in law, Mrs Dr Yap TK. She's very good with these and each year, she never fails to give me these beautiful mandarin oranges !!! and I love them very much so this year, I decided to show you as well as to bring you Good Luck !!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

YouTube: One moment in time !

I am sorry that I have been most busy........

Hi, I am very sorry if during this period you try to get an appointment with me and there is no reply. Today onwards, I have set my mobile on silent mode till after the chinese new year. I wrote that in my Facebook. So, if you like to know more about me and what is currently them in my Facebook under fengshui queen.

It is because I have been most busy with feng shui projects, talks as well as numerous annual reviews, sold my ubi office rented one in First Centre, interview n photo shoots with Prime magazine and interviews with overseas medias before the coming lunar new year.

Here is a nice photo of myself (sorry about the sleeves blouse) but I usually carry a shawl to wrap myself up or even a jacket on important meetings. I am very particular about dressing and would want to dress it right because dressing is an image.

I am glad that I still look young and is very energetic and passionate about my work and career. See you soon and take care !!! Love you all and many thanks for the 13 bottles of red wine, 2 korean bottles of wine, a big hamper, a big ang pow from a corporate client that I have received during the first few months of this year, 2010.

I can't finish all the wine bottles so probably would need to buy a wine chiller to store all my reds and thank you for making it a Merlot, my all time favourite ;)

Just a small note : my second son, Alex managed to get into Singapore Poly studying mechanical engineering. I told him to take life, one step at a time. Money nor education is not everything in life as long as one can learn how to live life within your means. That is important or to learn how to accept money or gifts when it is given to you. While Ivan after his army would be going to NTU to do a degree in arts and media. (I went vegan for one year in 2009 when Alex was taking his 'O' levels, as a mum will you do this for your child ? I would and that's how much I love my children) I hope you can learn something new from my blog as I share my life's experiences with all of you, readers ;)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Predictions for the 12 animal signs in 2010

Hi, if you are interested to read about my Predictions for the 12 animal signs in 2010, here it is at this website in one of the Top Story, Malaysian Today, in an interview.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Chinese New Year is just round the corner !

Hi, Chinese New Year is just round the corner and coming up in a few days time, so let us all celebrate and welcome the new year in style and in love !!!!
For our brand of fengshui, we don't do a end closing nor do we do an opening like when to start work "kai kong".
What we normally do for the past few years was that : On the first day of chinese new year, we would go to the office to turn on the lights, air con and computers for an hour ! This indicates that we already start work on the first day of the chinese new year then some people actually go back to work on later dates of the lunar year, is perfectly fine. Gong Xi Fa Chai everyone !

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hope that you've had a Happy Happy Heng Heng Li Chun !!

Thank you for your numerous sms yesterday on "Happy Li Chun" !!! which I did enjoyed myself throughly on 4 Feb 2010. Photo taken from my mobile at NUSS last night.

Thank you all for coming to my "Predictions 2010" talk organised by NUSS. Hope that you had enjoyed the evening ;)