Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thank you all for your birthday greetings !!!

Thank you so much for all your smss and birthday wishes in my Facebook (fengshui Queen) had over 30 comments !!! Come speak to me at FB and keep in touch, currently having over 2000 friends.
Thank you so much for making my 51st birthday ever so wonderful ! Life began for me at 40 and even better at 50 !!! We take one step everyday at a time and live the fullest of each day, appreciating life and clients/fans/friends around us who gave us love and their care. It is these kind of support of LOVE that makes the World go round !

Monday, April 19, 2010

Vesak Day is coming !

Hi, people say if you write less in a blog, readers will forget you. I personally do not think so as most readers are my fans and supporters ! So this page is for you.kekeke
Some of you who are members of Amithaba Buddhist Centre (ABC) would already have received the flyer on the sponsorship of oil lamps and flowers. If you wish to make a donation , do so and one each for one family member.
Come...... 28 May 2010 is Vesak Day and as usual, the day before and at around 3pm or so, I will be there to look around and see how I can support (buy things lah, shopping) then on the actual Vesak Day, usually at 6am I will be there to take my 8 Precepts and then I go home so you won't be able to see me on the actual day, yeah ? (hehe cause I got no make up on ! )
Last year, on Vesak Day, it rained so heavily at 5.30am and I was stranded.......at that time, I really wished I brought an umbrealla with me. But I prayed and waited till the rain gets lesser and then I was able to use my bag over my head and walk as fast as I could to the tent. This year, I shall come prepared with my pink umbrella. It will probably be the only time, I will bring one.
Why ? I don't want to carry an umbrella ? is because I want to have total faith in the Buddha, that Buddha can help me and guide me thru. Hmmm......maybe I should'nt bring one this year too. Ah ! let me "lum har" (think lah in english)
On Vesak Day itself, what is most Auspicious is to offer a candle to Buddha and pray and usually what you pray for will come true. Ivan (age 20) got into NTU to study Media (Animation) and Alex (age 18) got into Singapore Poly, Mechanical Engineering too. Both times before their exams, I prayed.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Thank you !

Thank you for coming to my talk on "Fengshui and You" invited by Spring Publishing at Suntec City yesterday afternoon despite the rain. Hope you have had enjoyed the talk as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you.