Saturday, August 28, 2010

Can you help ?

Hi, we have been advised by Geshe Chonyi, resident teacher of Amitabha Buddhist Centre, 44 Lorong 25A Geylang that it would be most benefical if we can accumulate one million Medicine Buddha Mantra recitations to benefit the flood victims in Pakistan and to those sentient beings suffering from effects of natural diasaters, where ever they may be.
The Medicine Buddha Mantra is :
Tadyatha Om Bekanzay Bekanzay Maha Bekanzay Raja Samudgate Svaha.
It is estimated that with a particpation of just 500 members reciting 20 malas (108 times), we should be able to hit the target by 15 September 2010. Can you help ? or go to Facebook (Amitabha Buddhist Centre) for details or see below for their link and I would be particpating and already completed one mala (108 times) while writing this.
FSQ NOTE: We need to have compassion for others then our own lives would take care of by itself and happiness would soon set in. Is this what you are seeking for in life then try this.......

Facebook (59) | Recitation of One Million Medicine Buddha Mantras

Facebook (59) Recitation of One Million Medicine Buddha Mantras: "TADYATHA OM BEKANZAY BEKANZAY MAHA BEKANZAY RAJA SAMUDGATE SVAHA"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thank you for coming......

Fengshui Queen SG Master Lynn Yap Fengshui blog : Since 6.30am yesterday till now, over 266 visitors to this blog ! Amazing especially when I have not been writing and thank you so much for coming.
Today, I just want to share a special fengshui tip on building a successful relationship with the other half :
"To be in a relationship is to give unconditionally and not expecting anything in return"
I learnt this from Ajahn Brahm's Youtube teachings and found that very useful in building a relationship. Hence when my clients have problems with spouses or children I would try to impart whatever knowledge that I know of and also of my own personal experiences. Have a good day !

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good Morning ! have you been ? well, I was kept busy with work, still working 7 days but not all the time only certain hours only lah. So there are also many free hours in between for me to rest, listen to my Ipod, taking photos with my Iphone, reading my dharma books or even sometimes meditating ;)
Oh...........I have good news for you, I will be travelling to Tokyo Japan for 4 days in early November and would be escorted. I hope to get in touch with Japan Publishing, the Company that translated and published my fengshui book in Japanese which is still on sale at Just wana say "hi" that is all. I love Japan and would expect a pleasant trip, you can be sure I would be visiting their temples ! Seems like this year brings me to a couple of places like Guangzhou, China, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Leh,Ladakh, India and now to Tokyo, Japan.
Give you a fengshui Queen SG, Master Lynn Yap tip:
If wood is your most favourable element, then buy a cabbage, green in colour and placed it in your freezer and please don't eat it ! hahaha
FSQ NOTE: Many people follow my fengshui tip, so if you think this is crazy, try it yourself and once you see the results, your belief in fengshui will set in. Many years ago, not many people believe in fengshui but look at it Out of 10 people you meet, I think at least 1 is a believer of fengshui.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Can a fengshui master REALLY sing ?

Hi................if you have been following my blog and wants to know the answer then you would have to join FACEBOOK, open an account and then go to my videos and click the one the one with me as the performer and then hear me "croak". The video clip is done by my friend and credits the original singer, "cover album". See you in my Facebook where I am more active lah !

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The after effects of visiting Leh, Ladakh

FSQ NOTE : This is a recent photo of me taken.......well I don't know what you think but I think I look kinda of cool.

Photos of my June retreat, Leh, Ladakh, India 2010

FSQ NOTE: I left for New Delhi on 7 June 2010 and then flew to Leh on 8 June 2010 and stayed there till 12 June 2010, I left for New Delhi as my body could not adjust to the high altitude and stayed at Shangrila Hotel till 15 June 2010 and then flew back via SQ. It was quite an adventure something that took me a month later to re-look at the photos and then to post them in my blog.
I did not want to rememeber those "unpleasant" feelings that I felt then.

I can tell you, I was quite sick, could not eat for nearly 3 days and that was the time I felt that I had to fly back to New Dehli on 12 June 2010 where it was hot. Leh, Ladakh was 3 to 5 degrees outside in daytime and night....I better not know. I had my winter jacket and sleeping bag that can tahan -18 degrees also could not help. was really quite a trip.
After I got back , I was kept busy with work and more work. I lost weight, look prettier now and in a better shape and spiritually gifted, I had grown. Many good things came my way........Both Evelyn (in the photo above) and myself went thru "alot of purification" and "good fortune" after we came back. Anyone going to Leh, Ladakh, I have only this to say to you : Good Luck !