Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My schedule today

Today, 2nd September 2010, Thursday I would be in office, First Centre from 11am till 8pm to do 4 life readings then that would wrap up my day.

FSQ NOTE: How do you like the condo as seen in this picture ? Nice ? of my favourite and I like to sit at the swing (where this photo was taken) and watch people swim ^_^
Fengshui Queen SG, Master Lynn Yap's Tip: "The amount of water in the wealth area determines the amount of wealth. Hence the more volume of water, the more, the wealth"

Something to listen to .......enjoy !

Pledge Online........

Hi, Today, 1 September 2010, Wednesday I had just completed 2160 times (20 malas)(1 mala is equal to 108 times) of chanting the Medicine Buddha Mantra.
I intend to pledge 80 more malas to complete 100 malas (10,800 times). Have you done yours yet ? If not, go to FaceBook, look for Amitabha Buddhist Centre and pledge yours. Our goal is to achieve One million times of Medicine Buddha Mantra.........hope you can help too.
FSQ NOTE: On Monday, I would be going to Johore Bahru, Malaysia and I love Malaysia!