Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thank you JoJo friends !!!

Today, 1st October 2010, Friday - yesterday's lunch with JoJo at Mandarin Gallery was fantastic and I was told a few of JoJo friends missed me (because I hardly write my blog) ......oooh... so I decided to show you this pix taken recently meant for Facebook friends only (because my shoulder is not covered) kekeke. Hope you like this. Yah lah, Lynn is fine but busy.

My trip to Malaysia has been shifted to November and would be travelling to Japan, early November too.
Singapore Fengshui Blogs: The fengshui Savy Investor - Thank you to over 200 visitors to my blog yesterday......... when inspiration comes then you get another fengshui tip ! ^_^ Gotta get ready to go for work.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Annual Review for 2011, begins 1st October 2010

Today, 30 September 2010 Thursday, I am really looking forward to having lunch with JoJo this afternoon at Mandarin Gallery. Oppps......can't tell you where I will be but I will be somewhere around and if you know JoJo personally, you can guess where ^_^
For the year 2010, I am really grateful for all your wonderful support and my family members are grateful too particulary my dad and mum. They are my biggest fans, next then come my darling.
FSQ Fengshui Tip: When you are very very hungry (too busy to eat) the business will come and this is particulary useful for those who are in the property business. Make money and learn how to grow your wealth ok ? ^_^ if not see me for your Life Reading or Annual Review where I am already booked on 1st October onwards for next year's fortune, 2011 and each person is given 2 hours, some 4 hours.
Annual reviews are sessions where clients reflect upon the year that had passed and then see if the new year 2011 will bring them better fortune or not and then how to make it better. Personally, I always enjoy these sessions with my clients as it gives me a deep sense of satisfaction knowing how well they had fared over the past 10 years. Recently, I did fengshui for a couple's HDB apartment who found me from the internet and hired me as their fengshui master and they like many of my clients hoped that my fengshui skills can help them improve their lives and fortune. I was touched when I heard that and can see that they really need my help.
PS: A lady client placed a not so green cabbage in her fridge and she texted me that day saying all the green green cabbage were gone after work (near Suntec area) left these and so she bought and guess what ? A week later she texted saying she strike 4d ! we were both laughing cause she said if her cabbage is greener maybe strike more money...... kekeke
I know I have some very very good supporters and thank you for being there for me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This song is dedicated to Jeremy Yang

Another week, Another new begining ! is another week ! how time really flies and with so many things happening around us too.
Singapore Fengshui Blogs - Lynn Yap blog :
Well, sometimes I would go to Google and do a search if my blog is still number one in its search engine for the above and then what happens if I am not ? Well buddhism has taught me to be a better person by being more compassionate and in letting go. Do you know why we have to learn how to get go at times ? It is because by learning how to let go when things go wrong or for whatever matter, we would have learnt the art of a peaceful mind and I treasure my peaceful mind very very much, however I am not attached to it either ^_^
FSQ NOTE: Sometime ago, my friend told me that I have a 10 year old boy who likes my blog. His name is Jeremy Yang and I would like to dedicate the next song in my next post to him, hope he likes the song ^_^
Thank you to many who called to inform of their success in their love life and for some, it is financially wealthy over the years. You know something ? when I see my clients doing well over the touched my heart. Sorry lah, ran out of photos to show you !!! kekeke

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bazi Reading: Do you "rubber timing" ?

Today, 24 September 2010 Friday - I have two appointments today then go home.I still have requests from clients on a "can or cannnot buy" houses either on site or from floor plan.
When you become your own boss, you will find that there is a lot of time available to you and how you make the most of the time, would determine the success in you or not. And some people are simply bad at managing time. I often call this "rubber timing" (no sense of time).
When you apply this theory to children, you sometimes wonder why they do well in school and when exams come, they don't score ? Ever wonder why ? it is because : out of 7 questions, they could only finish 5, the other 2 were probably not answered because that kid simply ran out of time ^_^ Don't believe me, ask your kid and make sure they don't lie. Ever wonder why kids lie to you ? well..........we shall talk about this, next time here in my blog. Akan Datang lah ! ^_^
Bazi Reading : A Child whose day element is wood or someone with simply too many wood elements in them, would be one such character. They are so call "char char" (woody means that when faced with a problem on hand they do not know how to react immediately) and needed to be trained or taught then they can understand and this time round in their exams, they will do so much better.
If you find this theory so interesting........well, these are the things I do during a life reading session with parents or even with children and my youngest client is a 16 year old boy who found me in the internet and came one year for his life reading. Anyhow if the child is too young, I don't read for them unless accompanied by their parents. I was surprised but not taken aback as anything is possible in life. This year, I have seen more teenages who come with their parents and their parents are already my life reading clients.
In a life reading session, it is about giving them pointers and the rest is up to them. Our job as a destiny reader is done, that much we can do in one seating. Next year when they come for their annual review, the whole session opens and we discuss how they have fared in the last year or last few years.
FSQ NOTE: The annual review session for 2011 will start 1st October onwards and already I have a few bookings. These are usually my long time clients and they request for 2 to 3 hours session with them. We usually cover quite a fair bit of areas and most important of all is to help them smoothen their journey in the coming new year where next year is a year of the rabbit, 2011. Safra Mt Faber just reconfirmed my talk for 8 January 2011 on "Predictions 2011". Booking is not yet open so please don't call them, not yet, yah ?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Announcing SMU Executive MBA Programme !

This is to announce the SMU Executive MBA Programme. Contact Ms CR Neo, Director (Executive MBA and other programs) Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University at :
Telephone : +65-6808-5156
Website :
Twitter :
FSQ Note: Ms Neo is a very close and good friend of mine. Take a look at their programme and don't worry about funding, there are ways to get a place as long as you have a desire to own an MBA, to improve your career and learn from the best ! Visit their website to know more.

Technorati: my blog claim

Hi, this is for the purpose of Technorati Blog Claim. The code is
and is for the purpose of blog verification ^_^

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beautiful Sunday !

Hi, this is my offical website at
We are listed in

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Love is when you are my world and my world is you"

Today, 16 September 2010 Friday - Gosh it is Friday and off to work soon, 2 appointments but I can tell you as a fengshui master I am usually busier on weekends.
Singapore Fengshui Blog - Thank you to many friends/clients (each day about 190 visitors) who come and read about what I write here and especially to a young 18 year boy, son of my lady client whose condo I visited this week. She told me her son read my blog ! AH ! Gosh ! (my face getting red) and told his mum to record the whole fengshui process ! wah.....Young Man : Master Lynn has this to say to you : Study hard, get a good degree and then give back to society. be someone useful. Good Luck !
FSQ NOTE: For all those single ladies, if you do want romance in your life, you need to focus on it and get as many help as you possibly can (including fengshui help or wear what and what ) and the right one will come your way sooooon and when the timing is right.
I have an additional request for you : if he earns less than you and do not have a University education, would you still love him ? or if he wants to marry you but could not afford to buy a house to shelter you, then how ? you have to "Tiat" (hokkien for pay) for all household expenses etc etc......would you still say you love him ? My advice : please say, you do. Your mindset towards happiness in a marriage need to change.
And, it takes more than just love to make a marriage work, my dear. There is give and take, there is unconditional love, good healthy communication is a must and some humor to spice things up.
The only time I advise a lady to say no is when he is a gambler this is because he can spend away all your hard earn savings and there is no end to that. this type of man, better not marry, go find another one lah ! Just make sure you still got "market value" eh ?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My speaking assignments !

Hi, just to inform that I have been invited by a Company in Malaysia to speak on fengshui to the F & B Industries, Trade Engagement Forum 2010.

1) 13 October 2010 - Central Kuala Lumpur
2) 18 October 2010 - Penang
3) 20 October 2010 - Johore Bahru

FSQ NOTE: Other than work, when in Penang, I hope to catch up with friends from Henry Butcher. See Ya ! Malaysia here I come !!!

This song is dedicated to my favourite Aunty, you will always be on my mind

Join me in Facebook !!!

Hi.........if you are not yet my Facebook friend, come join me !!! currently with 3556 friends.
Photo taken from Iphone ! Guess how I did it ? ^_^ Have a wonderful day !!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

What hang ups do you have ?

Today, 14 September 2010 Tuesday: We are going to discuss about "hang ups":

Early this year, in one life reading sessions with 3 sisters, we tell each other about our "hang ups" and because we were so comfortable with each other, all of us started laughing and laughing especially when the "hang ups" are so so "craxy".

What are "hang ups" ? Hang Ups is an emotional preoccupation. Many of us have our own "hang up" in hokkien we say "kuan". Your "kuan" or "pattern" is like this ..........kekeke

Just to give a simple example: He will never leave the house unless his hair is combed. Hang ups can sometimes break a marriage, relationships between couples or with friends or with bosses. So we need to first recognise that and then act on it or work on it or simply remove it. Then, when this hang up is removed, every thing will be back to normal.

I have a friend whom I go out lunch with at times and she would always place a lot of food on my plate and insisted that I finished them if not she would "sulk". This is her "kuan" while for me, is when I am full, I will stop eating and not put any more food in my body if not I know I will put on weight and for years I have had a hard time keeping my body in shape because of so many good food and drinks that friends/clients buy for me. I would rather leave food on the table than to place all of them into my body. You cannot imagine how much work out or sit ups that I need to do to remove those extra fats if I keep eating everything my friend placed on my plate.

Sometimes, I buy my clients buffet lunches during their annual life reading sessions and only for the females. There are quite a few priviledged ones already and we would also touched on the topic of "hang ups". kekeke

One of my personal hang ups is the fear of heights - many of my clients these days buy very high floors condos (33 floor, 37 floor) and when I go up there, I usually hold on to the wall at the balcony to look at the fengshui at the balcony and my clients would start laughing........Master Lynn !!! then I would turn around and said Yes ? with my blinking eyes kekeke. Inside the apartment, I am ok but not at the balcony and I realised that I am not the only one like that. One of their family member also have a fear of heights.

You can imagine if I go up any higher.........what will happen to me ? ^_^ Anyhow over the years, I have learnt to "contained" that hang up already (I meditated till it is gone) and am more "chai" (stable) now......see you up there, 45 level ok ?

FSQ NOTE: Perfect english is good for work and for Corporate Clients or speeches/talks but our singlish touches the heart (soul) of most of my residential clients. They feel very very comfortable speaking to me either in cantonese or hokkien and we would have had a very good fengshui session like last week when I was at Mayspring condo, I spoke in cantonese, luckily, the level was 10 floor. woot !!!

Just completed 10,800 times or 100 malas !!!

Hi, I have just completed chanting 10,800 times or 100 malas of Medicine Buddha Mantra !!! Here is a pix taken from my Iphone and using the application of Buddha Counter. Rejoice !!! and I had dedicated the merits away already.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

YouTube: Ajahn Brahm on "Dealing with difficult people"

September Morning......

Today, 13 September 2010 Monday - I can't wait to go to work and also to complete my chanting of 10,800 times of The Medicine Buddha Mantra. My buddha counter on my Iphone states 9754.........still got quite a way to go (singlish)
Singapore Fengshui Blog : It's been sometime since I started writing often again and hope you will enjoy all the fengshui tips that I wish to share. These tips are all my personal experiences with "fengshui hands on experiences" which is probably about more than 20 years already since I am 51 this year. When I first started out, I was in my early 30's........young and energetic, dabbling with fengshui here and there and now in my 50's, mature and mellowed like a bottle of matured red wine. I love my wines, red and thank you to those who still give me bottles of Merlot. We loved them and thank you for making your sifu, Lynn....... Hoi Sum (happy in cantonese)Have you tried ? they tasted really really good. kekeke
Sometimes, I don't know which fengshui tip to share with you cause there are so many and when "inspiration" come then I will know this is the one that I want to share......... so you gotta wait for my inspiration lah ! Oh by the way, my blog is catergorised as 60.5 in Blogcatalog
gone up from 55.
Usually after work, when I am home I like to visit this site : Financial Times at to get all the latest news on finance. Recently a man called from Malaysia because the number starts with a +60 and asked if my next year's Predictions are out and I laughed and replied no, not yet, cause I need to go into deep meditation first and I asked him in cantonese which animal sign he is born.
Fengshui Queen SG, Master Lynn Yap's Tip: If one needs the element of metal in their bazi, one of the most effective way is to wear a "long long" (bell) that chimes every time your hand moves to bring about "the sound of metal". SOUND is a very important success factor in feng shui. I usually advise clients to use "the sound of water" in their homes or offices.
However for personal readings, we can use the sound of metal. I don't suppose you can use the sound of water in your bazi by washing your mouth now and then to create that sound of water huh ? Your boss will be wondering why you always go to the rest room ! kekeke (joke)
The other method is to own a car in your name because a car is "big metal" and the type of car that you own and the car colour makes a lot of difference. That is why I own a luxury car of BMW and is silver....... many of my clients also follow but theirs are the bigger series. I can't cope with a big car unless someone drives it for me. Well, you can see it parked somewhere in Gerald Gardens and you can guess the car number plate which ends with the last4 digit of my mobile number.
Do you believe in my brand of fengshui ? Don't believe ask your friends who are believers of feng shui and check this fengshui tip, out !
FSQ NOTE: .........have a wonderful Monday !

Monday, September 06, 2010

An evening out for dinner

Last Saturday, 4 September 2010, I was spending time having dinner and champagne at Jumbo, Singapore Indoor Stadium. After dinner, we decided to go for a stroll before heading home. While on this bridge, I decided to take a photo and here it is !

(Nah, your fengshui master is not studying the hong (wind) chwee (water) here !) haha

Before that, I took a photo of me taking fries and wings and immediately posted in my Facebook and got instant replies from friends. 6 people like the post and 7 comments. That to me is the power of Facebook. Are you my FB friend yet ? Currently, I have 3,503 friends (I don't know if it speaks of my popularity but I know I am your fengshui master who speaks from her heart)^_^
FSQ NOTE: It was a very smooth ride to JB and back yesterday and thanks to those who send me good wishes for this trip. Thank you for your care and concern, really appreciate. I always enjoy the drive up and being there. Hmmm.........maybe should also consider buying a weekend home there. How, dear, can ?

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Let's start the week with this from Kevin Kern "Through the Arbor"

Beautiful Sunday, Beautiful September !!!

Fengshui Queen SG NOTE: Hi..........Just want to celebrate my chanting of 5,400 times (50 malas) of Medicine Buddha Mantra !
Oh and tomorrow I would be going down to Johore Bahru, Malaysia. See Ya ! ^_^
You can still sms, mms, gmail me, WhatsApp ! Facebook mail too ! but don't call cause I seldom pick up my calls ^_^
Good Nite !

Thursday, September 02, 2010

My schedule today

Day: 3 September Friday, this morning at 11am going to do fengshui and then at 4pm going to the eastern part of Singapore to help client decide if they should still go ahead with their purchase of the apartment since there are new measures to cool down the property market.
This 4pm job order came two days ago but my schedule was tight so I suggested we do it this afternoon to take a look at the fengshui, fengshui good- pass or fail, my job is done.

Is friendship important to you ?

Last night at around 10pm a lady called and asked me to write more in my blog. Well, today's post is for you, dear Mary.
We are going to talk about "friends" :
I wonder how many close female friends do you have ? well, if you are a female maybe one or two is good enough and if you are a male, also one or two is good enough. There is no need to please all your friends because this is the "reality of life".
What is "real" and what you "think" in your thoughts can be very different. Why have so many friends ?Some friends can make you "sick" (can't stand) and waste alot of our time. Hence, I tend to choose my friends and categorize them. level 1 is inner circle. level 2 is drinking kaki or buddhist friends. level 3 is hi hi friends.
What makes a "good" friend ?
1) A good friend is someone who understand you and accept you - a good friend should not be someone who tries hard to change you but rather understands and stand by you.
2) A good friend should be someone who makes you laugh - there are some friends that I like to meet because they can really make me laugh until my face go "chee chee" (green). Not green with envy but turned green because of laughing too much ! haha. Yesterday, I did 5 life readings : the morning session clients make me laugh and the evening session one makes me laugh too. My clients kept me wondering if that was the right thing to do, laughing with them hehe. But I can tell you that laughter breaks the "ice" ^_^
3) A good friend is someone who treats you well regardless of status - You know ?..........there are some people who tend to look down on you when you are not doing well and even shun or run away from you. These are not the good friends. Best is to ignore them.
4) A good friend should be someone you can trust and they never betray you when you have given them, that "trust" - Trust is earned and not bought. The same goes with "respect" which is earned and not paid. Sometimes, I see parents not respecting their children or even helping them make decisions then these children will grow up not knowing how to think for themselves and they naturally grow up not knowing how to respect their parents nor even their friends.
5) When friendship involves money, it can become complicated - a good friend is one who can share some money with you or even to part some money to help when times get rough or someone who always buy you food, dinner or even lunch and is always not just once or twice and if you have a friend like that and if you feel so grateful to them, then you are being silly because you may tend to think they are very nice to you but actually they are not. Some people have "hidden agendas" unless they are buddhist then maybe not.
6) A good friend is someone who gives you good advice just when you needed them -
7) A good friend is someone who is principled - when they promise you something they deliver and not turn away from you when you needed them the most.
8) A good friend is one who will not say nasty things to you or even trying to belittle you - Everyone has a "mouth" and their mouth can be very nasty ......well they own that mouth and as long as you keep your own mouth closed and speak only when needed to, you will do well, dear
FSQ NOTE: Personally, I do not have any close female friends as I prefer to being alone in my thoughts so that none of my girlfriends will ever have a chance to betray me (my destiny) but I have one male friend whom I trust and talk to at times ^_^This is not very buddhist haha but I speak from my heart. Have a good day and a great weekend !!!

Introducing Teamedia !

Hi........this post is to introduce Teamedia and if you need their services, please give them a tinkle, yeah ? you can trust them as much as you trust me ^_^
Here is their blog :
FSQ NOTE: If you like this photo, well it was taken this morning at my First Centre office where I just did 5 life readings.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My schedule today

Today, 2nd September 2010, Thursday I would be in office, First Centre from 11am till 8pm to do 4 life readings then that would wrap up my day.

FSQ NOTE: How do you like the condo as seen in this picture ? Nice ? of my favourite and I like to sit at the swing (where this photo was taken) and watch people swim ^_^
Fengshui Queen SG, Master Lynn Yap's Tip: "The amount of water in the wealth area determines the amount of wealth. Hence the more volume of water, the more, the wealth"

Something to listen to .......enjoy !

Pledge Online........

Hi, Today, 1 September 2010, Wednesday I had just completed 2160 times (20 malas)(1 mala is equal to 108 times) of chanting the Medicine Buddha Mantra.
I intend to pledge 80 more malas to complete 100 malas (10,800 times). Have you done yours yet ? If not, go to FaceBook, look for Amitabha Buddhist Centre and pledge yours. Our goal is to achieve One million times of Medicine Buddha Mantra.........hope you can help too.
FSQ NOTE: On Monday, I would be going to Johore Bahru, Malaysia and I love Malaysia!