Thursday, October 28, 2010

Merit Multiplying Day, tomorrow

Tomorrow, 29 October 2010 is Merit Multiplying Day, so do good deeds whether it is a small donation or even an online donation is fine. Merits will be created.
For me, I will be taking time off to go down to Amitabha Buddhist Centre, Geylang for a recitation of the Golden Light Sutra ^_^ REJOICE !!! and may our eldest son, Ivan come home safely from Australia.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fengshui Tip for 4 February 2011

Hi, Did you know that 4 February 2011 falls on the second day of Chinese New Year where all the banks are closed ? I wish one bank will open for us to deposit money.........well, do you know how to bank in your money on this day as what we have had always been doing the last few years ?

Fengshui Queen Singapore, Master Lynn Yap's Tip: Wear red and go to any ATM and deposit cash and deposit cheque would be the best on this day and watch what happens. If good things happen, yes, it is going to be a great year however if it is not, then it is not going to be a good year, hence be extra careful.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dinner at Lei Garden, Orchard

Sometime last week, we took time off to have dinner at Lei Garden, Orchard and here is our pix !
BTW, I have been invited by Safra Tampiness to deliver a talk on "Predictions for 2011" on 22 January 2011. Do come and support me, yah ?

Friday, October 22, 2010

YouTube: Enjoy !

1st November to 4 November 2010 - Going to Tokyo, Japan !!!

Today 23 October 2010 Saturday - going to work later and is a long day (one house review and two readings in office). Tomorrow, Sunday, going to have brunch with Anna and her korean friend at Sheraton Towers n I can't wait ! Well.......your fengshui Queen SG, Lynn Yap is going to be busy this weekend.
As I have mentioned before, weekends are usually my busiest and I work on Sundays too (maybe a bit too hardworking) however if you count the number of hours worked, they are actually very little. I am usually home by 5 pm and then I work on emails, update my Facebook with my tv on !
1st November - 4 November 2010 - going to Tokyo, Japan (6 hours) and then 2 hours to Shinjuku where I would be staying at Hyatt Regency. My bodyguard is coming along this trip with me.
9 November 2010 - it is confirmed that I would be going to Kuala Lumpur to give a talk to the F & B industries. I would be spending my free time next week working on my slides for my presentation in KL.
Predictions 2011 - Thank you to those who asked me if my slides for these are ready. hehe.....not yet sweetie. I will work on them in December.
FSQ Note1: Do you like rainbows ? I do. In 2009, when I was on a veg diet, I saw rainbows twice. Once in Hua Hin, Thailand, the other was home after my 2 weeks retreat in Nepal, October 2009 and the end of my 1 year veg diet. Can you do that ? I mean.....go veg and no meat for one year ? I did it. ^_^ I didn't feel weak but I put on weight.
When I saw those rainbows, I was so excited that I merely wanted to capture those rainbows so that I could admire them when they are gone but I also made "wishes". Next time where ever you are and if you happen to see a rainbow, make a wish and be assured that they will come true.
FSQ Note2: First Centre - yesterday evening after work around 4.00pm, I went to the canteen to "tar pau" (buy) food home and a young lady passed by and said...."she is a fengshui master" ! I looked up from my handy as I was reading my updates in Facebook when I saw a young lady and she said she read my blog so she recognised me ^_^
Ooooo.......I didn't know that my blog is so so popular that even in First Centre, people can recognise me ! Thank you for coming to my page and read my blog. Anyhow, my lease there expires in June 2011 and I have not yet decided if I am going to stay in First Centre or maybe move somewhere else.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Green Cabbage Theory - did it work for you ?

This morning, 21 October 2010 Thursday - Looks like it is going to rain for quite a while. Have one appointment at 11am then later going down to Far East Plaza. Would stay home for half an hour to watch the stock market movement before going out this morning (if you know me from my private blog, you will know why) kekeke

Singapore Fengshui Blogs - 1) One client said he wore red underwear and went to the casino and made money. I was amazed. But we had a good laugh and his wife was very happy too and they were surprised that I had a 20 year old son cause they said I didn't look that "old" !

2) Third client saying that my "Green cabbage theory" worked for them - they found some wealth coming after having placed a green cabbage wrapped in film in the freezer. Did I tell you what brand of Refrigators work the best ? hehe....... one client used a foil to wrap her cabbage and it didn't work cause she missed her 4d ^_^

Fengshui Queen Singapore tip: If the "green cabbage" worked for you, then remember never to place "kiam chye" (hokkien)(salted vegetables) in the fridge otherwise everything will also turn sour.

FSQ Note1: In Facebook, we are number one in Networked Blogs with the largest followers under "fengshui".

FSQ Note2: Thank you to those who tell me that they like to read my blog. Hmmm...........I guess it must be my style of writing or that because you have met me before and so can feel as if I am REALLY speaking in front of you :) Have a great day, dear !

YouTube: Somewhere over the Rainbow

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Do you like Mondays ?

Today, 18 October 2010 Monday - It's another week. Do you like Mondays ? Personally, there is no difference for me except that I get to go home early on Monday most of the time.
Last Saturday, I met a lady client and we spoke about properties after doing her feng shui. Every time I meet someone they will usually tell me that the property is very expensive now. I usually shake my head and tell her or him, it is expensive relative to yesterday's prices or to prices that were 5 years ago. We cannot go on comparing like this if not we cannot make a good judgement to buy today or now.
7 years ago in 2003, when I bought my own property, all my mindset thought was : what will be the price of this property, 5 years later and if my gut feel is that the price will appreciate, then consider the deal done. 7 years later, you can imagine how much the price had appreciated. During these period, many of my clients also bought properties, some condos, some landed. Today, we are all asset rich because our properties have appreciated, plus with good feng shui. Today, I am seriously considering if I should move house, my first after 7 years. call it 7 year itch kekeke..........but let me think about it.
FSQ NOTE: Many of my clients who have followed me in my brand of fengshui will usually consult me before they shift be it house or office and that's how it is in the fengshui environment. Have a great week !

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A very special day - 10/10/10

Today, 13 October 2010 Thursday - Well......we have just passed a special date, 10/10/10 and someone asked : Is there, any special meaning to it in Facebook and I replied "yes". Observe what happen to you on this day. My family members celebrated my dad's 80th birthday in a restuarant. So if you wish to get the latest info, join me in Facebook.

10/10/10 - If that day, good things come to you, it means that your luck is going to be good, however if negative things come your way, things are not going to be bright. Personally on this day, around evening time, someone asked me to help find the wealth area of a house with a floor plan and I happily drew it and chop my FSQ seal, signed it and dated it, 10/10/10.

The other good date that is coming will be : 11/11/11 (go to the bank (your favourable bank colour) deposit money, go buy underwear (your lucky colour) or buy a wallet or abacus (so that you will always have a lot of money to count). There is no need to do all of these.......just do ONE will do ^_^

It is like what we did on 4th February for 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.
Will we do it again on 4th February 2011 ? ^_^

Lynn Yap, Fengshui Queen, SG Tip: When buying a handbag, try to get those with zip at the top so that all your things that you carry inside would not "go out" meaning, spending money away.

FSQ NOTE: I am looking forward to having Sunday Brunch with Anna and her Korean friend.

YouTube: Ajahn Brahm

Monday, October 11, 2010

My family

FSQ NOTE: Photo shows my parents with my sister in law, Yvonne and my niece and nephew, 2008

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 80th Birthday, dad !!!

Today 11 October 2010 Monday - It is another week how was yours ?

Singapore Fengshui Blogs - Sometimes I wonder if fengshui masters write blogs ..........well, you know ? for me, I just focus on my work, myself (take care of health don't overwork) and my goals. I don't dream, I make it happen and I like to stay away from crowds.

Of course family are important too cause they form the support for me. Yesterday, my family and I just celebrated my dad's 80th birthday at a restuarant and I wonder why my dad texted later to thank me for giving him a big surprise red packet and said that he was very happy that both my brother and I owned our own landed properties. Maybe it had something to do with my aunty.

Annual Reviews : Thank you for the numerous sms that I received for making appointments and you know my style, sometimes I don't reply cause am simply too busy. But my long time clients very clever, gave me a date and time so that it is easier for me to say ok ! kekeke

Personal: I want to buy Marian, Sebastian and Anna buffet lunch, need to arrange or maybe after my Japan trip.

FSQ NOTE: Thank you for your sms also about the "green cabbage" and so far one lady client told me it worked for her too and ask me to write more in my blog. Sweetheart, I try ok ? Have a great week !!!

Monday, October 04, 2010

My schedule today

Today, 5 October 2010 Tuesday - I have two appointments today, the second one going down to Yishun area for feng shui.

How are you so far into 2010 ? Hope you are fine and tell me about it when you come for your annual reviews, yah ? ^_^

Fengshui Queen Singapore fengshui tip: It's about the green cabbage..........just leave the cabbage in the freezer and just before chinese new year, 2011 change to a new one and wait for results. Thank you to many who came and shared with me about the tips of putting coins on their writing desk, carrying abacus in their wallets etc.

You know, just yesterday I had a life reading from a client who met me 9 to 10 years ago when my shop was at Kitchener Road and he remembered a fish tank in the middle of the shop and I simply laughed. Those were the fun days and his wife merely smiled. 10 years on......well, we have probably arrived, somewhere lah !

What I noticed about my clients is that : they like to look at my "facial expression" when I first see the house or office and then they try to conclude. hehe. I can't see my facial expression but maybe you can ^_^ while some "char char" one (wood person) cannot even see if I am having a tummy ache ^_^

Annual Reviews 2011 : had done a few, already
Photo: taken last Sunday, 3rd October

YouTube: Alan Tam