Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Green Cabbage Theory - did it work for you ?

This morning, 21 October 2010 Thursday - Looks like it is going to rain for quite a while. Have one appointment at 11am then later going down to Far East Plaza. Would stay home for half an hour to watch the stock market movement before going out this morning (if you know me from my private blog, you will know why) kekeke

Singapore Fengshui Blogs - 1) One client said he wore red underwear and went to the casino and made money. I was amazed. But we had a good laugh and his wife was very happy too and they were surprised that I had a 20 year old son cause they said I didn't look that "old" !

2) Third client saying that my "Green cabbage theory" worked for them - they found some wealth coming after having placed a green cabbage wrapped in film in the freezer. Did I tell you what brand of Refrigators work the best ? hehe....... one client used a foil to wrap her cabbage and it didn't work cause she missed her 4d ^_^

Fengshui Queen Singapore tip: If the "green cabbage" worked for you, then remember never to place "kiam chye" (hokkien)(salted vegetables) in the fridge otherwise everything will also turn sour.

FSQ Note1: In Facebook, we are number one in Networked Blogs with the largest followers under "fengshui".

FSQ Note2: Thank you to those who tell me that they like to read my blog. Hmmm...........I guess it must be my style of writing or that because you have met me before and so can feel as if I am REALLY speaking in front of you :) Have a great day, dear !

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