Friday, January 21, 2011

Chinese New Year - Dos and Don't

Today, 22 January 2011 Saturday - Hi......I believe all of you would be very busy getting ready to welcome the Golden Rabbit, 2011. Let's hope we will have a Golden, Prosperous and Healthy lunar new Year !
What does one need to do when getting ready for the lunar new year ?
1) Always wear new clothes for the new year so that it means that you always will have money to buy things. Just buy for first day of new year is good enough.First day of new year, wear something red at least for two hours.
2) Remember to buy new pairs of chopsticks, bowls, plates - I usually just buy new chopsticks (red ones) to welcome the new year so that the career will always be good and smooth.
3) Get new crispy money ready -
4) Buy new ang pows as well as get from the banks - I love to keep those ang pows with chye sen yeh on them. This year, I saw so many, you may wish to buy some and keep.
5) Order 1 kum quat and 2 Chry flowers to your house/office - Make sure they deliver to your house or office. Do not carry them yourself. This is because when people deliver to your house, it means that they are bringing wealth to you.
6) Don't buy new hankerchiefs during these period -
7) For titbits in a red tray to celebrate the new year - always buy the pineapple tarts as pineapple brings wealth. then when you go visiting, eat the pineapple tarts !!! and if you want your friends and relatives to have a great year too ....serve them pineapple tarts and don't forget the "nain kao" too, fry with eggs, very nice (and I use olive oil only).
8) Please say "Good things" to everyone around you and especially on 4 February 2011 !!!
FSQ Note: I will be travelling to Japan twice in the coming new year 2011 to help my client build his house with his lovely wife. I was told I can visit the hot springs, hei ! that would be nice. I also bought a new camera Canon EOS 60D, getting ready to shoot !
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