Wednesday, January 19, 2011

House Fengshui is more important than office fengshui ?

Today, 20 January 2011 Thursday - how have you been ? Hope this new year 2011 did bring some form of good luck and heng heng season for you while we are waiting and getting ready to welcome the lunar new year of the Golden Rabbit.
The two weeks running to the lunar new year can be a most busy period for some while for some it can be a lull period as everyone's industry is different and on top of that, is an individual's bazi, house fengshui and office fengshui.
Many years ago, someone ever asked me if house fengshui is more important than office fengshui and I replied : both are equally important but the house fengshui would have a stronger impact on the individual as one sleeps there and spends at least 8 hours in a day sleeping there and unless you sleep in your office and your office and home are the same place.
FSQ NOTE: One of my client told me she and her husband are going to the ATM machine on 4 February 2011 at midnight to deposit cash ! I think I treasure my sleep more (you know that I sleep every night around 10pm) but hmmm...........if I can't get to sleep then I would drive down to my favourite ATM machine but first please teach me how to deposit cash.I had better practise first before I "kang leng kar po" (hokkien) on 4 Feb !!! ^_^

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Anonymous said...

Love your blogs... "kang leng kar po" is actually a malay word for kalang-kabut.