Saturday, January 08, 2011

Thank you for coming to my talk at Safra Mt Faber !

FSQ NOTE: Thank you all for coming to my talk at Safra Mt Faber, heard there were 276 participants. When I went home, I received 4 sms telling me that they enjoyed the talk very much !!!


Tom said...

Hi Master Lynn

Really enjoy your talk yesterday at Mount faber.

Forgot to ask you yesterday regarding the 6 gold coins above the main door. For 2011, should we change it and which year should be put?

Thank You :-)

Joseph said...

Dear Master Lynn,

Have always enjoyed your talk every year. I'll see you again at Tampines. Please go slower if possible.

May I ask between the white transparent and red translucent plastic wrapping, which should I be getting for the "kum"?


Anonymous said...

Dear Master Lynn,

May I know where can i get your prediction 2011 slide which i enjoy very much.

Thank you.

Cynthia said...

Hi friends

I missed Master Lynn's talk this year.

Can anyone share with me her predictions for property in 2011?

And what are the"kums" for ?

T T Tan said...

Hi Master Lynn,
I look forward to your prediction slides every year! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi...Can anyone share master Lynn Yap predictions for property in 2011 paper? Tks.

Anonymous said...


What we need to wear or carry for this year?

alex said...

looking forwrd to another seminar of yours.
Edina MN Realty

Anonymous said...

Hi friends,

can anyone share Master Lynn prediction slides for 2011 ?

thanks in advance !