Sunday, July 03, 2011

A 100 bill tip !

Today, 3 July Sunday - How are you getting on ? I am so sorry as I was busy this week. Well, I hope to find new photos to show you and because I was busy, here is a new fengshui tip for you !!!
Fengshui Queen, Singapore, Master Lynn Yap tip :
"Change a S$100/- note to small notes when your luck is down"
You will find that this tip is very very effective particulary if you believe in me, Master Lynn ^_^
Then come back and tell me how it works for you ok ? and I will give you another new tip in return.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mtr Lynn,

If we do not have 100 dollar note should we change to 100 and change to smaller notes again.

Like your tips and have a wonderful trip.


Anonymous said...

Hi MLY, i did not know of this tip but recently everytime i went to the bank to cash my commission cheques, i would get $100 bills and everytime i used them, my luck got better (without realising). So this goes to show that it works.