Saturday, July 09, 2011

"another one for you"


Anonymous said...

Dear Master Lynn
Didn't know you also like Anita Mui's song. It is a real pity that we lost such a talented singer back in 2004 due to illness.
You mentioned in your FS2011 slides that roosters and rabbits should avoid attending funerals and weddings this year. In the event that we can't 'not go' as it involved very close relatives/family members, is that anyway we can 'mitigate' the negativity. Apprec your advice, pl. Thanks.


Lynn Yap said...

It is still best not to attend because of the energies present that can have a very bad clash on the rabbit or the rooster.

However, if one really need to go is to wear underwear all red. Bright red ones inside to ward off any negative enegies and to form a protection.

Master Lynn Yap
Fengshui Queen, Singapore