Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"blur like sotong, already ?"

Today, 12 July 2011 (Tuesday) - How was your weekend ? Great ? I hope. Hmmmm............we are already half way mark into the year, 2011 and I hope everything has been good for you. Gosh ! this rabbit year.............I don't know how to describe AND the year is not yet over ! 6 more months.
Feeling a little bit blur blur already......well the Dragon year (year, 2012) is about to come, very very soon ^_^
FSQ Note : Let's talk about wishing table : In our brand of "fengshui Queen SG", we use a "wishing table" to place all the things that we wish for. Have you tried ? Did it work for you ? It should work after 6 months then you know that the fengshui is working for you.
If you place 3 model cars there on the wishing table, you are bound to change car within 6 months. The energy in the wealth area will have an impact on your mind and cause you to spend money on a new car. you want ?

Fengshui Queen SG tip: Whatever items you place at the wealth area, can affect your fortune as well as all those who live in the same house or office.

Therefore, the house/office should be kept clean and no "funny" pictures or photographs placed in the wealth area.

Example : If you place a picture of an operating room in a hospital on a wall of the wealth area, be it in house or office then you will find that many family members or staff could end up in a hospital. Just be careful, ok ? And that is how fengshui works : the energy flows are silent but once it hits, can be sometimes very "strong". Now............do you believe in feng shui ? I will tell you more very, soon ^_^

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