Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"the inside of a female fengshui master"

Today, 26 July 2011 (Tuesday) - It is already Tuesday.........you know ? Everyday, I will find something for myself to look forward to : be it going to check my long time client's new house or meeting up with a long time client for a reading. I always look forward to meeting them.
And if they have been very successful, there is this tremedous joy inside my heart that I would feel very very happy for them. This is me. The inside of a real fengshui master, Singaporean born, educated and worked.
Question and Food for thought : If I have S$100k, would I invest it in shares or in properties ? my take is on properties because my bazi is not suitable for shares. Hence, if your bazi is suitable for shares then go for it and make more while if your bazi is not suitable then better don't try.
Question : Which one (shares or properties) would give you more "asset value" ? definately property and I like "asset value" and "net worth".
FSQ Tip: A person's "mouth" is metal and hence if you need more metal then better for you to go karaoke and sing more, ok or wear more gold ? ^_^
FSQ Photo : taken this morning using my Iphone "the street where I live" ^_^

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