Saturday, July 16, 2011

"my last card is an Ace"

Today, 17 July 2011 (Sunday) - Hei ! today is a Sunday ! How do you like Sundays ? relaxing day and having breakfast at your favourite kopi tiam ? Muak !
FSQ NOTE1: In a poker game, the last card is the most important and my last card is an Ace of Hearts ^_^
What's the meaning of this ? nothing much, really, sweetie, except that I have a big heart full of love and care for anyone who needs my help.
Every Sunday, when I visit my parent's home at Sembawang Hills Estate, (10 years ago the houses there were worth only S$400k) my dad would usually go and buy my breakfast. I showed them what he bought me, this morning in my Facebook. Every kindness deserve another kindness to others.
Today, Dad still reminded me that I am very lucky to have gone and bought a 2 storey, 4 bedroom terrace house, some 8 years ago. Actually, I already knew where I was going but I didn't want to spoil his mood and sentiments ^_^ we call this in buddhism, having a Buddhist mindset.
FSQ NOTE2: "Be kind to anyone who's been most kind to you" by Master Lynn Yap, fengshui Queen, Singapore, July 2011
FSQ Tip: The wealth area need not be very very clean. If it is too clean, then it means that the wealth is not fuctioning to its maximum. have a bit of dirt and dust here and there.

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