Thursday, July 14, 2011

"think of others first then yourself"

Today, 15 July 2011 (Friday) - it is already friday and another weekend is coming. Well for me, I continue to work over the weekends and everything is by appointments only. I enjoy working and if I don't have work, I would sulk cause I love to keep myself busy and occupied.
Of course ,there are also many moments when I will take a break to go for my body massages or foot massages too ^_^ "All work and no play would make Jane a dull girl". In this case, would make Aunty Lynn, a dull girl.
FSQ NOTE1: Hmm..........seems like the second half is here where some of my clients tell me that they feel a bit lazy, don't know what is happening. Well, take heart, sweetie: we all have to go through that phase of our lives.
Many thanks to those who inform that my "Predictions for 2011" has been spot on ! Sure lah, Master Lynn, very chun one !!! and now become "ang pai" (popular) ^_^ Even at any kopi tiam when I sit and order food, somehow people recognise me, maybe is because of my Facebook. Too "ang pai" is no good ah, reasonable is ok.
FSQ NOTE2: Do you know that in my mind, when I am working, my clients' interest come first. Their well being, their concerns while I try my level best to help in the feng shui advice/cures and whatever ways and methods that I know of and that includes financial knowledge or marketing or sales cause I am Bizard trained. I studied Business Administration and am now putting it to good use. The concepts are the same just like feng shui concepts but the environment and the economy today is different, very different.
Even my family members' their interest come first then mine. I try and help them or do whatever I can within my means to help or make at least, make my parents happy.
FSQ NOTE3: Many people would still laugh at me, being a Geomancer. Some still do especially younger ladies. it is because they don't know what they don't know. Too bad. These ladies also somehow would think themselves very smart and proud. Wah ! no good leh. They can become the cause for all their unhappiness. While those who don't laugh at me are those who call me "sifu" (sze hoo) and are usually the Aunties, old enough to be my mother !!!
In life, what matters is : As long as they (the people) around me are happy then I am happy. My needs and wants are very little or very low BUT I still have my Dream and I can day dream, can't I ? (Dream a little dream of me)
FSQ NOTE4: In a day, I can over 397 visitors to my blog ? wow ! that would make me Singapore's best and most popular blogger in feng shui !!! ^_^ COOL ^_^

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