Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Wealth Area"

Today, 13 July 2011 (Wednesday) - In a house where you lived in, there is an "internal wealth" area and and "external wealth" area. And if one uses the "Flying Star school of fengshui", this type of fengshui incorporates the element of "time" and that is why if you use this method, one usually see results.
External Wealth Area refers to the swimming pool, river, reservoirs, lakes, oceans, sea, drains with full water outside your "house". "house" here usually refers to apartments and can be a landed property too.
Ideally, the external wealth area should be located South Western part of your "house". Then it means that your house has an external wealth area. The same applies to office buildings, factories etc. Of course, if there arn't any, we create and build them ! our very own external wealth area compatible with the owner's bazi (a form of destiny chart based on the 5 elements).
I personally like the external wealth area concept because the wealth can come in the form of "mo tun tin fat tat" (cantonese)
So those who lived in a landed property whose main door faces South West has the road outside the door as their "external wealth" area. If your main door is facing South also have. Now, you know why I always recommend main door as facing South or South West ? Go around and ask those super rich people, what is the compass direction of their house main door ? the answer lies here.
FSQ NOTE: One also needs merits and destiny to be able to live in one with these kind of facing de. You must always do good deeds and help anyone who approaches you for help and it need not be about money.
Internal Wealth Area refers to inside the house. There is a "space" in the house where the energy there belongs to the wealth. Most people are very keen on these. However, you must know what to do, to tap it and to make it work for you.
If you tap it wrongly like buying the wrong kind of fountain then one will not see results, 3 months later. And I dare to guarantee that 3 months later after a fountain is placed in the correct wealth area, results come. Then, you will know that the wealth area has started and the fengshui is working.
Some people engages feng shui master and yet they do not see significant results. Either the wealth area was wrongly assessed or the fountain that they use is not of the correct type. Some smart alec ever ask me if I can quantify the amount of dollars to the volume of water in the wealth area and I said I can ! He was very impressed. Well.............don't forget that I started "playing and experimenting with water" some 20 years ago when I was just 31 years old ^_^
Once the wealth area is located : two things that we do under the brand of "fengshui Queen Singapore"
1) Place a water feature to activate the wealth.
2) Whatever items we placed in the wealth area they will GROW ! so if you find that your collection of shoes kept growing ..........hmm maybe that is your wealth area ! of course, we don't put shoes, we use a nice "table" (usually, a chest of drawers or some uses an open shelve) to place the things that we want to grow. This table soon became known as our "wishing table" as we usually place condo /bungalow photographs there and of course, money.
FSQ NOTE: One evening I was at Bukit Batok and my lady client said to her friend that Master Lynn's fs concepts for house usually "no mirrors" and "no glass cabinent doors" ! Wah ! I didn't know that I became famous for these, that they become my FS house' theories ^_^
Well, most important is that : all my clients see results and they have prospered over the last 10 years. We don't have that many more 10 years, so this next 10 years before 2019 (year of the pig), we are going to make the most out of it !!! Are you ready ? If you know me well enough, you should know what is my game plan and your very own personal plan as well. Good Luck, Sweetie and have a nice day !!!

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