Friday, July 22, 2011

"Yakky Yak Yak" - spare my ears !!!

Today, 22 July 2011 (Friday) - TGIF ? ^_^
Question: Ever sat in the car while your other half yaks non stop on whatever his eyes can find ? and causes a slight pain in both ears ? hehe.......... I am sure this would ring a bell to all those ladies who are married to these - "one of a kind".
In the beginning, it was very difficult to tolerate while over time, we would have learnt to accept and to forgive. Afterall, every one of us are born with very different bazi which explains why our lives (destiny) are so different.
Doing many good deeds help as these help create "merits" which in turn would help us in many ways in our lives, especially when you REALLY needed help, it comes. you are simply just being very very blessed.
I have "read" (life readings) and "seen" many of my lady clients' husband whose bazi fit the above mentioned, particulary mine ^_^
Photo : shows me having a plate of steamed prawns and Guiness Stout in my glass *blurb* (Restuarant Todak, JB) (Thanks Aimus, my property agent (sold 2 light industrial properties with his help) for your kind recommendation) Care for some ? ooh ! over 284 people visited my blog since 4pm yesterday ! wow ! I like that !
FSQ Tip: Some people have "black hearts" hidden in them, these are the ones , we don't want to make friends with but who are they ? you won't know for sure till one day they show their colours by wearing the black heart on the outside, that day will come. Just be kind to everyone, no matter what, ok ?

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